Preventing Hospital Acquired Infections In The MRI Room

Healthcare| 21/10/2020

HYGEN microfibre cloths, damp mops, dry mops and disposable solutions are safe to use in MRI and X-ray rooms.
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Overcoming The Challenge Of Keeping Patient Waiting Rooms Hygienic

Healthcare| 2/10/2020

Deep cleaning requires durable, commercial-grade equipment that kills and removes dangerous bacteria and viruses.
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Why Disposable Microfibre Is Key To Preventing The Spread Of Infectious Diseases

Healthcare| 9/09/2020

Cleaning equipment like disposable microfibre cloths are useful tools in the fight against infectious diseases.
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What Is Deep Cleaning And How Is It Achieved

Healthcare| 23/06/2020

Deep cleaning has quickly become an essential part of the conversation within businesses across the world.
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What Patients Can Do To Reduce The Spread Of Infections

Healthcare| 19/05/2020

Since reducing the spread of infection requires an all-hands-on-deck approach, patients must be a part of the solution. 
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From Floor To Ceiling Maintaining Environmental Hygiene In Hospitals

Healthcare| 4/05/2020

From floor to ceiling: maintaining environmental hygiene in hospitals | Rubbermaid
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What Are The Main Guidelines In Australia For Hospital Cleanliness

Healthcare| 10/03/2020

You can make sure your hospital environment is maintaining cleaning standards by following the evidence-based guidelines from the National Health and Medical Research Council.
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Are Hospitals Truly Clean Enough

Healthcare| 13/02/2020

How truly clean are the world's hospitals? More specifically, is it possible to get them even cleaner?
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Hospital Cleaning Practices That Prevent Infections

Healthcare| 28/01/2020

Follow these hospital cleaning practices can help to prevent infection and uphold the strict regulatory standards to which healthcare facilities are subject.
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How Cleaning Equipment Should Be Cleaned And Stored In A Hospital

Healthcare| 6/01/2020

Proper care of cleaning equipment is essential to preventing healthcare-associated infections
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