Safety signs are a great solution to quickly communicate dangerous hazards in the workplace, aged care facilities, hospitals, and commercial settings, making everyone aware and safe.

Safety Signs Designed for Premium Safety for Diverse Industries 

From healthcare facilities to workplaces and buildings, safety signs are everywhere, yet you may need to realise the abundance of safety signage you encounter daily. Whether in airports, malls, or on roadways, we encounter an array of signs like wet floor warnings, caution signs, and hanging safety indicators.

Rubbermaid meets this need with a wide range of safety signs.

What Are the Purpose of Safety Signs?

Although often overlooked, safety signs are important communication tools that greatly speed up the understanding of individuals across many industries and settings. 

To Provide Direction: In environments such as aged care, healthcare facilities, schools, and universities, safety signs are more than just well-designed. They also adhere to OSHA/ANSI standards for graphics and colors1234. This compliance ensures not only the aesthetic appeal of the signs but also their effectiveness in guiding individuals where they can and can't go. Through these standards, safety signs maintain orderliness while ensuring the safety of all individuals within these institutions.

To Provide General Information: In commercial environments like hotels and restaurants, cleaning and housekeeping signs offer important instructions and proper procedures. These signs ensure privacy and caution and cater to a diverse workforce, creating a safe environment.

To Warn Potential Dangers: Especially in commercial and industrial settings, safety signs are of paramount importance. They play a crucial role in cautioning against minor risks and potential hazards. Particularly in healthcare facilities, where surfaces may often be wet due to cleaning or spills, safety signs help prevent slips and trips. These signs communicate these dangers quickly and clearly, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring a safer environment. Whether it's a slippery floor warning, a trip hazard alert, or a general caution sign, these safety signs are essential to maintaining safety and compliance with OSHA regulations.

These signs are part of OSHA signage requirements and comply with strict Australian laws, making them mandatory in commercial and industrial settings. Safety signs play an integral role in maintaining a safe environment by alerting people to potential dangers, thereby keeping workers and patrons safe.


Effective Safety Communication with ANSI/OSHA-Compliant Signs

Floor Safety Signs

Floor safety signs are a crucial component of any environment where hazards might be present. These signs are designed to warn individuals, including workers, students, and seniors, about potentially life-threatening situations. Rubbermaid Commercial provides a range of these safety signs so that you can ensure the safety of everyone in your facility.

Safety Hanging Signs

Safety hanging signs are necessary to mark areas undergoing cleaning or maintenance.

Rubbermaid Commercial: Your Partner in Safety and Compliance

Rubbermaid Commercial is dedicated to providing a comprehensive array of safety signs designed to keep individuals safe in various settings. Our full collection includes lightweight, easily transportable signs warning of slipping hazards, multilingual displays for clear communication, and ANSI/OSHA-compliant signs.

We are committed to offering the best quality at the best value.

Don't compromise on safety. Shop today and ensure your environment is equipped with the highest standard of safety and warning signs from Rubbermaid Commercial.

66cm Multilingual "Caution" Stable Safety Sign, 2-Sided, Yellow


Unique “no tip” design is 2-sided for effective multilingual safety communication that utilizes ANSI/OSHA-compliant colour and graphics.

66cm "Caution Wet Floor" Sign, 2-Sided, Yellow

SKU: FG611277YEL

Number of Sides:

Lightweight "Caution Wet Floor" sign is 2-sided for effective safety communication and utilizes ANSI/OSHA-compliant colour and graphics.

English Only "Closed For Cleaning" Hanging Doorway Safety Sign, Yellow


"Closed For Cleaning" hanging sign is on an extendable pole to block doorways and entrances up to 127cm wide and utilizes ANSI/OSHA-compliant colour

Executive Series™ 66cm Multilingual "Caution" Sign, 2-Sided, Black

SKU: 1867505

Sleek, Lightweight "Caution" sign is 2-sided for effective multilingual safety communication that won't disrupt a building's image.