Experience Excellent Waste Management with Rubbermaid Indoor Bins

Rubbermaid Indoor Bins provide a range of aesthetic yet durable waste and recycling solutions. Ideal for commercial settings, these bins are perfect for offices, public malls, institutions, and venues. From kitchen bins to larger waste management systems, Rubbermaid bins are designed to withstand the elements.

Maintaining Cleanliness with Indoor Bins Across Various Settings

Rubbermaid Commercial Indoor bins are indispensable tools in various environments for maintaining cleanliness, promoting recycling, and managing waste effectively.


Indoor bins are a household essential, prominently placed in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. Kitchen bins manage both organic waste such as food scraps and inorganic waste, aiding in the segregation, composting, and recycling process. Indoor bins capably handle various types of waste, contributing significantly to maintaining a clean and orderly home environment.


Offices generate diverse waste, from paper to food wrappers. Indoor bins serve as a convenient disposal point for general waste and encourage recycling. Having them around is key to keeping a neat and efficient workspace.


In educational institutions, indoor bins are strategically placed in classrooms, cafeterias, and common areas to encourage students to dispose of waste properly and learn about the importance of cleanliness. By ensuring a clean learning environment, these bins contribute to a positive educational setting.


Given the nature of waste generated in hospitals, waste management is crucial. Indoor bins handle hazardous and non-hazardous waste, including potentially infectious items like bandages, gloves, and masks. With leak-proof designs and the ability to hold liner bags in place, they prevent the spread of diseases and ensure the safety of staff and patients.

Aged Care

In aged care facilities, indoor bins are a must-have for hygienic and easy disposal of materials. They also help keep bad odours in check, ensuring a comfy and tidy environment for residents.

Malls and Public Spaces

Malls and public spaces see a high volume of waste due to the large number of visitors. Indoor bins, strategically placed at locations like food courts, restrooms, and entrances, effectively manage this waste. They control odours, prevent stains, and promote recycling among the public.

Regular cleaning of these bins is equally important. Cleaning with hot water and detergent or microfibre cloths helps prevent odours and germs.

Versatile Applications of Rubbermaid Indoor Bins

Rubbermaid Commercial indoor bins serve multiple applications, from residential to commercial spaces, due to their exceptional durability and user-friendly design.


Top 3 Popular Rubbermaid Indoor Bins Models

Half Round Open Top Bin Perforated Stainless Steel

This bin is perfect for high-traffic areas due to its sleek design and robust construction. It fits easily against the walls, saving space and reducing obstructions.

Key features:

Silhouettes Square Open Bin Stardust Silver Metallic

This bin, with its contemporary perforated pattern, blends seamlessly into modern environments. Its high-quality materials ensure it can withstand daily use.

Key features:

Configure™ 1 Stream Paper

This recycling bin, made from heavy-gauge steel, features a damage-resistant powder coat finish. Its modern appearance and easy-access front door make it a practical choice for commercial settings.

Key features:

Looking for Durable, Stylish Indoor Bins?

At Rubbermaid Commercial, we offer a range of indoor bins that are more than just containers. They are an effective waste management and recycling solution, boasting a modern appearance and lasting durability. These stylish yet functional bins are perfect for various spaces such as bathrooms, bedrooms, dorms, kitchens, offices, and classrooms, ensuring a clean and organised environment.

Enhance your space's functionality with our stylish and durable indoor bins. Make the smart choice today.


The Configure™ Decorative Waste Containers provide a recycling solution with sleek, smooth surfaces and contoured edges. This recycling system has a modern appearance that will fit seamlessly into any indoor or outdoor commercial environment. Please note: this SKU is a Configure™ 1-Stream 57 Ltr container with a "Paper" label.

Configure 1-Streams - Recycling Containers | RCP

Mulitple Options Available

The Half Rounds Series indoor decorative waste container fits flush against walls to conserve space and reduce obstructions in high-traffic areas. The sleek and functional design of this receptacle blends seamlessly with upscale and modern indoor facilities.

Open Top Half Rounds: Modern Indoor Waste Receptacle | RCP

The Half Rounds Series indoor decorative waste container fits flush against walls to conserve space and reduce obstructions in high-traffic areas. The sleek and functional design of this receptacle blends seamlessly with upscale and modern indoor facilities.

Half Rounds Sleek Indoor Decorative Waste Bin | Rubbermaid

Black W/ Chrome Trim Stainless Steel
The sleek Silhouettes 61L FGSC14 Decorative Square Indoor Waste Container has a contemporary perforated pattern designed to seamlessly and beautifully blend with modern facilities and environments. High-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure containers can withstand the rigours of everyday use.

Silhouettes Square Open Top Indoor Waste Container | RCP