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Safety signs are a great solution to quickly communicate dangerous hazards.

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Easy to use, easy to see, easy to move, and easy to store mobile barrier.

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Soaks up water and oil quickly and completely for an effective way to deal with spills.

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Prioritising safety in the workplace for both employees and patrons is of the utmost importance for companies operating across all business sectors. Rubbermaid Commercial Products offers a multitude of safety products, including safety signs, safety cones, mobile barriers and spill pads. Our products cater to any industry, including hospitals, aged care, hospitality, education and property management, promoting a safe environment no matter what space they are in.

At Rubbermaid Commercial Products, safety is more than just a priority. It's a commitment. Discover our wide range of workplace safety products designed for various sectors. 

Improving Workplace Safety with Rubbermaid Solutions

Ensuring the safety and well-being of employees is crucial across all industries, be it hospitality or healthcare. At Rubbermaid, we deeply understand this and offer a range of workplace safety products that reflect our commitment to safety and excellence. You can explore our products in more detail to learn how we can help keep your facility safe.

The Full Suite of Workplace Safety Equipment 

Safety Signs

When it comes to a safe workplace, clear instructions and warnings are crucial. Rubbermaid's safety signs are reliable and help you stay safe.

Cones & Barriers

Spill Mop & Spill Pads

Every workplace faces spills. It's important to respond quickly to prevent accidents and maintain cleanliness. Rubbermaid's solutions:

Safety Equipment for Commercial Industries

Different industries have unique health and safety concerns and have different legal requirements to keep workers safe. Let's explore how Rubbermaid addresses these diverse safety requirements:


Health and safety is the top priority in hospital environments. Rubbermaid products ensure health and safety in every corner, with safety signs in corridors and spill pads in emergency rooms.

Aged Care

Safety products that cater to the unique needs of the elderly, ensuring a hazard-free environment. From barriers in hallways to clear safety signs, Rubbermaid understands the importance of aged care safety.


In a sector where experience matters, safety plays a pivotal role in that experience. Mobile barriers in lobbies, safety signs in wet areas - every product ensures guests feel secure.


Health and safety in educational institutions is not only necessary but also a commitment to parents and students. Rubbermaid products ensure that this commitment is upheld, from classrooms to cafeterias.

Property Management

Managing multiple properties requires versatile safety solutions. Rubbermaid offers safety products that ensure every property is a safe haven.

Prioritising Safety with Rubbermaid

With Rubbermaid Commercial, you're not just purchasing workplace safety equipment; you're investing in a partnership dedicated to the well-being of your employees, clients, and business. Trust us to supply your workplace with the tools needed to uphold safety and compliance standards. Choose Rubbermaid, where safety and quality combine.



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