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Meet the leader in material handling setting a new standard of excellence in heavy-duty platform trucks, bulk trucks and carts.

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Rubbermaid Commercial Products offers a multitude of material handling solutions. These innovative solutions are designed to enhance workplace productivity and help employees transport more materials with ease. Our material handling products are also ergonomically designed to help your staff do their jobs without putting them at risk of aches, pains or injuries.

Our solutions include platform trucks and trolleys that can carry up to 1,000KGs, trade carts that support all types of trades, bulk collection trucks, service trolleys, trolleys that can be used in offices and for hospitality applications, utility carts, service carts and heavy duty carts ideal for moving heavy items of up to 250KGs with ease. These products are tailored to enhance industry professional’s efficiency and safety.

Our Brute range provides reliable products like heavy duty carts and mobile collectors that deliver durable material handling solutions for any industry. Designed with the highest-quality materials, all Brute products are backed by a category-leading 10-year warranty. This means all industry professionals can trust that their investment will withstand the test of time and use.

Browse our selection of ergonomically designed material handling products below.

Rubbermaid's Exceptional Range of High-Quality Food Service Products

Commercial Kitchen & Catering Equipment 

Effective food storage is crucial in commercial kitchens, cafes, hotels, and restaurants. Rubbermaid's ProSave® Ingredient Bins provide an ideal solution for this need. Our ProSave® Cup Ingredient Bins are designed for the specific needs of the hospitality and food service industries. They offer more than just storage containers on wheels, and it's a game changer in ingredient transportation. 

The ProSave® range guarantees streamlined operations, reduces waste, and enhances efficiency. With integrated features such as the internal scoop hanger for food safety and a space-saving rectangular design, we maximise efficiency while minimising waste.

Enhancements for Your Bins:

Make your storage more efficient with these new additions:

Enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and streamline your operations with Rubbermaid's ProSave® Ingredient Bins.

Containers & Colanders

Rubbermaid offers containers and colanders that deliver quality and efficiency in one package. Our commercial kitchen equipment selection includes space-saving square and round storage containers designed with attention to detail to maximise storage capacity.

Advanced Storage Solutions

Explore our specialised range designed for those who want more than basic storage.

Food Preparation

Ice Handling

Handling ice requires careful attention to keep it clean and safe, especially in businesses, hospitals, and the hospitality industry.

Youth Seating

Experience Efficiency with Rubbermaid's Food Service Products & Commercial Kitchen Equipment

At Rubbermaid, we know what the food service industry needs. Our containers and colanders go beyond products; they improve efficiency and quality in every food service job. We provide safe and efficient food preparation and ice-handling solutions in the hospitality industry. Our custom tools help businesses maintain ingredient freshness and ensure cleanliness in the food services, enabling exceptional service delivery. 

For years, Rubbermaid has been a trusted name in the hospitality industry, offering top-notch hospitality supplies that make a difference. Our products are crafted keeping restaurants and other food services in mind. We offer top-quality commercial kitchen equipment and catering supplies to enhance every kitchen's efficiency, reliability, and ease. Our goal is to help businesses serve better, faster, and with confidence.

Platform Trucks & Trolleys

The Rubbermaid Commercial Heavy-Duty Platform Truck is constructed from Duramold resin and metal composite for durability and strength. The trolley has a 454kg capacity.

Heavy-Duty Platform Trucks

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The Rubbermaid Commercial Side-Panel Platform Truck with 20cm TPR castors, 907kg capacity. Ideal for moving large, heavy, oversized loads in a variety of environments from retail to construction.

Side-Panel Platform Trucks

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The Rubbermaid Commercial Sheet and Panel Truck has a 907kg capacity and features built-in tie-down slots to secure loads while moving them and a textured surface greatly reduces slippage.

Sheet and Panel Trucks

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Bulk Collection Trucks

The Rubbermaid Commercial Tilt Dump Truck, Structural Foam, offers industrial strength construction to transport heavy loads up to 272.15 kg.

Structural Foam Tilt Trucks, Utility-Duty

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Durable rotational moulded trucks handle heavy loads up to 1,114kgs. with ease

Rotomolded Tilt Trucks, Utility-Duty

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The Rubbermaid Commercial Mega BRUTE® Mobile Commercial Trash Can is a highly versatile way to handle large-scale waste collection and sorting.

Executive Series Mega BRUTE® Mobile Collector, 120 gal, Black

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Utility Carts

The Rubbermaid HD Utility Cart is perfect for transporting materials, supplies, and heavy loads in almost any environment.

Heavy-Duty Ergo Handle Utility Carts (Flat-Shelf)

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The Rubbermaid Commercial Heavy-Duty Utility Cart is a versatile, durable cart that can support up to 227 kg.

Heavy-Duty Ergo Handle Utility Carts (Lipped-Shelf)

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The Heavy Duty Adaptable Cart from Rubbermaid Commercial provides superior versatility for tackling whatever task is at hand.  It reduces the need for time-consuming user modifications with a variety of integrated features including: an ergonomic adjustable handle with four positions for maximum comfort, a flip-up shelf, locking castors, and numerous storage features designed to help organise tools and small parts.

Heavy-Duty Adaptable Utility Carts

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Service Carts

The Rubbermaid Commercial 2-Shelf Utility Cart with Cabinet and S Liding Drawer features all-plastic construction make this wheel cart durable and easy to maintain.

Service Cart with End Panels

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The Rubbermaid Commercial Xtra Utility Cart is a versatile, durable cart able to perform a wide variety of tasks.

4-Shelf Service Cart, Black

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The Rubbermaid Commercial Xtra Instrument and Utility Cart is a rolling utility cart with two shelves, a lockable cabinet and a s Liding drawer.

Service Carts with Lockable Doors

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The Rubbermaid Commercial BRUTE® Food Storage Tote with  Lid is ideal for the food service industry, these plastic food storage containers meet NSF/ANSI Standard 2 for use in food handling and processing.

BRUTE® Totes with Lid

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