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Overseeing an aged care facility and ensuring it is a safe environment can be a difficult and arduous job. Cleaning processes can be difficult to track and manage with so many responsibilities. 

Rubbermaid Commercial Products SMARTCLEAN is designed to help your facility manage cleaning practices to remain safe and compliant. This is an all-in-one, intuitive, cloud based operational software, designed for aged care facilities to easily optimise current cleaning processes, to efficiently manage cleaning staff and increase operational efficiencies.

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Your digitised cleaning management system

Managing cleanliness in any commercial setting can feel overwhelming. Beyond conducting general job management duties and complying with regulatory cleaning standards (such as the ‘Care, Dignity and Respect’, report by the Royal Commission for aged care quality and safety) tracking progress on quality control and basic cleaning tasks is only made more difficult with paper-heavy management.

SMARTCLEAN empowers users to optimise and improve your current practices with digital solution, allowing you to closely monitor your facility's cleaning and auditing processes with intuitive workflows and corrective actions, whilst remaining compliant under the 2018 Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.



SMARTCLEAN is a seamless cleaning management solution that comes with the following features:



Give each staff member an inside look into their daily or weekly cleaning schedule.

facility auditing

Facility Auditing.

Forget your old paper based auditing processes, Conduct and record your pre and post clean audits in one central location.

live monitoring

LIVE monitoring.

Get insight into the completion of each cleaning task.

issue reporting

Issue reporting.

Make it easy for cleaners to report a potential problem that could be keeping them from completing their services.

cleaning instructions


Provide useful instructions for new staff members or cleaning staff who are unfamiliar with a specific cleaning task.



SMART notifications:

A place for each employee to communicate information before or after cleaning a room. For example, if unable to clean a room based on a note left on the door by the resident, your employee can take a photo and upload it as a point of proof.

Staff profiles:

Staff members are encouraged to create a profile that shows training and qualifications. If someone is trained in terminal cleaning/deep cleaning, they may be better for the job than another employee.

Team dashboard:

Get an inside look at the history of each member of your cleaning team to get a feel for the tasks that have been completed each day to avoid potential overlap.

Operational dashboard:

Managerial staff can use this feature for auditing purposes, checking in to ensure proof of service.

Initial signup and setup for the SMARTCLEAN app is simple and seamless through an AI-Generated onboarding process.  Additionally, the app is extendable and scalable — it’s designed to grow and integrate with other digital solutions. This makes it easier to evolve your practices well into the future.

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Who can use SMARTCLEAN?

SMARTCLEAN is equipped to assist all members of your organisation, from core cleaning staff to managers and supervisors. With three different views: Cleaner View, Supervisor View and Manager View, all staff members can improve their general processes and benefit from a streamlined workflow.

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Cleaner view
(for infection prevention staff)
  • Visibility of cleaning tasks assigned for the day, rosters for the week and beyond
  • Execute and track audit requirements
  • Image capture with annotations
  • See progress in real-time
  • Highlight special issues for the supervisor
Supervisor view
(for team leader, facility manager or supervisor)
  • Manage and analyse workflow, scheduling and auditing
  • Capture data at an offline capacity
  • View real-time status of current cleaning tasks
  • Utilise instant messaging feature to communicate with cleaning staff
  • Download reports easily by click of a button
Manager view
(for operational managers)
  • Manage facility onboarding
  • Gain complete control of facility cleaning procedures
  • Obtain an overview of facility auditing procedures and auditing reports data
  • Access dashboard to view all facility activity in real-time

The benefits of SMARTCLEAN

SMARTCLEAN is designed to comply with safety procedures and improve your business operations. With SMARTCLEAN, you’ll reap the following benefits:

Improved staff communication

Streamlined workflows

Enhanced cleaning to reduce spread of infectious disease

Continued improvement with regular updates

Ensured compliance

Elevate your operational efficiencies today

Rubbermaid Commercial Products is a trusted brand in the cleaning industry. With decades of experience creating cleaning solutions and equipment, you can be confident in our intuitive cleaning management platform.

Are you ready to digitise your manual cleaning protocols and practices? Contact a Rubbermaid specialist today to request a demo.

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