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Slim Jim® Brand Debuts

The iconic Slim Jim® container is born. Since 1978, the Slim Jim® container has offered uncompromised performance in constrained spaces. It optimized waste management practices for a wide variety of businesses and end-users across the globe.



Relaunch of the Slim Jim® Container

Venting Channels were integrated into the iconic Slim Jim® product line – making removing liners from the Slim Jim® container up to 80% easier, improving productivity and reducing the risk of worker injury.



Slim Jim® Resin Trainable Dolly

The Slim Jim® Resin Dolly was designed to support and transport Vented Slim Jim® containers smoothly and efficiently through any commercial facility. It features a side clip-on connection that allows you to train several dollies together for collection and transportation purposes.



Slim Jim® Recycling Station Launches

An adaptable recycling solution that offers a front-of-house look with back-of-house functionality, the Slim Jim® Recycling Station has greatly aided businesses in their push to comply with zero-waste goals and recycling legislation since 2017.



Slim Jim® Under Counter Containers are Introduced

The latest in Slim Jim® innovation – the Large angled opening of the Slim Jim® Under Counter container provides 2X more access under the counter than traditional slim containers.



Slim Jim® Compost Container Debuts

The 23- gallon Slim Jim® container in compost green helps ensure effective compliance with growing food waste diversion regulations. Its color-coded bin and permanent label create a long-lasting visual cue for effective composting.


Slim Jim® Brochure
Slim Jim® Brochure

Read the Slim Jim® Brochure:

Slim Jim® containers with venting channels offer uncompromised performance in constrained spaces. Learn more about containers and accessories in this brochure.

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Improved Productivity

Slim Jim® containers are designed with four integrated venting channels that create airflow throughout the container, making removing liners up to 80% easier. By reducing the pull force required to lift out liners, Slim Jim® containers improve productivity and reduce the risk of worker injury.

Tough in the Tightest of Spaces

As commercial spaces continue to get tighter, waste management has become increasingly difficult. Trends that drive facility design and layout are creating a need for space-efficient waste and recycling products.

Increased Recycling Effectiveness

Improving recycling effectiveness has a positive environmental impact, helps facilities achieve sustainability initiatives, and can lead to cost savings. Slim Jim® containers are perfect for recycling collection in office spaces, commercial kitchens, and other environments.

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Improved Productivity

SJ 0000S 0000 Brand Banner Slimjim Tightspaces

Tough in the Tightest of Spaces

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Increased Recycling Effectiveness


Slim Jim Recycling Station Video

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Slim Jim Recycling Station vs. Competitor

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Slim Jim® Recycling Station Brochure
Slim Jim® Recycling Station Brochure
SlimJim Sustainability Greenprint
SlimJim Sustainability Greenprint

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