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Rubbermaid Commercial Products® understands the crucial role played by well-trained cleaning staff equipped with the best healthcare cleaning products in cleaning healthcare and aged care facilities.

Aged Care

Ensure resident safety and reduce the spread of illness with products that increase cleaning efficacy and prevent slips, trips and falls.


Hospitality A Higher Level of Clean guide provides targeted cleaning protocols and product recommendations to support hotels in identifying proper cleaning processes and tools with increased efficacy.

Property Management & BSC

In a time when employee trust in the traditional office is fragile, it is critical for employers and property managers to adapt, ensuring that employee health and safety is a top priority.


Help your institution meet sustainability goals with products that promote increased diversion rates, reduce water consumption and utilise resources efficiently.

Commercial Cleaning

Despite the fact that all commercial operations need to maintain pristine facilities, each industry will have its own specific smart commercial cleaning solution needs.

Our Digital Solution

Smart Clean

It empowers users to optimise and improve your current practices with digital solution, allowing you to closely monitor your facility's cleaning and auditing processes with intuitive workflows and corrective actions whilst remaining compliant under the 2018 Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.