Rubbermaid Commercial: Your Partner in Cleanliness and Sustainability

Explore our convenient and efficient outdoor bins, crucial for waste management in residential and commercial areas. Prevent rubbish buildup and litter with Rubbermaid Commercial, the leading brand.

Versatile Uses of Outdoor Bins in Different Environments

The outdoor bins are a round-the-clock solution for many different waste management locations.

Residential Areas: Ideal for handling residential waste, outdoor bins are placed in backyards or at the curbside for waste collection services. Rubbermaid Commercial’s outdoor bins are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, protecting your property's cleanliness and hygiene.

Commercial Spaces: Restaurants, retail stores, and offices use outdoor bins to manage daily waste, promoting a clean and hygienic environment. Many businesses have started implementing recycling programs using specially designed outdoor garbage bins, fostering environmental sustainability.

Public Spaces: In streets and parks, Rubbermaid-designed sturdy outdoor bins are strategically placed in areas where waste is likely. Outdoor bins maintain cleanliness and reflect the community’s commitment to waste management by encouraging waste disposal and reducing littering.

Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities use outdoor bins to manage the considerable amount of waste generated daily by students and staff, including food waste. 

Event Venues: At concerts, sports games, and festivals, outdoor bins play a crucial role in waste management. They help keep the venue clean and promote recycling, further aided by products like Rubbermaid Commercial Outdoor Bins designed for heavy-duty use.

Primary Uses and Benefits of Outdoor Bins

Outdoor bins are essential for keeping environments clean and efficient.

Waste Management at Scale

The primary use of outdoor bins is large-scale waste management. Rubbermaid’s Commercial Outdoor Bins help maintain a clean living environment by efficiently collecting garbage and reducing health risks. From food waste to hazardous waste, these bins ensure minimal contamination. Their durable design offers lasting durability suitable for outdoor use.

If you're looking for a great option, Rubbermaid's classic design outdoor bins are the way to go. And by encouraging proper waste disposal, these outdoor bins also help reduce pollution and energy consumption, making our surroundings cleaner. Here are some key benefits:

Rubbermaid's Top Outdoor Bins

Rubbermaid's Outdoor Bins with Standout Features

When maintaining a clean and tidy outdoor space, the right bin can make all the difference.  Rubbermaid’s range of outdoor bins offers ideal solutions, combining durability, design, and practical features for large, high-volume commercial and industrial environments. Two of our most popular bins:

Eclipse Open Top Bin Stainless Steel

Rubbermaid's Eclipse Open Top Bin marries a sleek, contemporary design with long-lasting durability, making it ideal for any outdoor space. This bin is not just about aesthetics; its features offer practicality and ease of use:

Atrium® Open Top Bin Plastic Liner Satin Aluminum

The Atrium® bin by Rubbermaid is perfect for those seeking a durable, corrosion-resistant waste bin. Its polished exterior surfaces lend a blemish-free appearance that complements indoor facilities. Key features of this bin include:

Sustainable, Durable Outdoor Bins by Rubbermaid Commercial

Rubbermaid Commercial's outdoor bins are more than just waste containers. Our bins are a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics for residential and commercial use. Not only are our bins durable and long-lasting, but they also contribute to a greener environment. Their sleek and clean design adds a modern touch to your space.

Let's work together to create cleaner spaces and a more sustainable future. Choose Rubbermaid Commercial - where quality meets sustainability.

Eclipse Open Top 114L Bin Stainless Steel


Combining contemporary appearance with lasting durability, the Rubbermaid Eclipse R2030E black waste receptacle offers fresh, functional design.

Atrium® Open Top 79L Bin Plastic Liner Satin Aluminum



Durable and corrosion-resistant, Atrium® containers are designed to withstand daily use. Exterior surfaces are highly polished for a smooth and blemish-free appearance.