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The combined passenger totals of Shanghai Hongqiao and Shanghai Pudong International Airports surpassed 100 million in 2016. This makes Shanghai the fifth member of “the 100-million club” in the world after London, New York, Tokyo and Atlanta. Shanghai is soon expected to overtake Tokyo as the largest aviation hub in Asia. Among the two airports in Shanghai, Terminal 2 (T2) of Hongqiao International Airport opened in 2010. The terminal is seamlessly connected to Shanghai Hongqiao High-speed Railway Station, the intercity bus station, as well as Shanghai's local urban transportation system. These facilities combine to form the comprehensive transportation hub in China's most developed region-the Yangtze River Delta. T2 of Hongqiao is undoubtedly one of the busiest terminals in China.

As the epicenter of the Hongqiao transportation hub, T2 targets to be one of the most advanced terminals in the world in terms of infrastructure, technology, services and reputation. Therefore, the cleaning service standards required by authorities are extremely stringent.

RCP High Capacity Cleaning Carts offer the flexibility to combine with various cleaning tools, enabling cleaners to handle a variety of tasks with the right tools; the highly maneuverable Mega BRUTE with a large capacity improves waste transportation efficiency, and thus maintains the cleanliness of the departure lounge. HYGEN Microfiber Flat Mops improve the safety of travelers with outstanding performance. Light and easy to handle compared to traditional string mops, this solution reduces the risk of strain injury for cleaners.

RCP High Capacity Cleaning Carts, Mega BRUTE and HYGEN Microfiber Flat Mops help Reliance achieve industry-leading efficiency and safety when serving T2 of Hongqiao. Its professional image has been demonstrated in the meantime. Reliance and their services are highly recognized by airport authorities.

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