Discover the Power of RCP Microfibre: Enhancing Sustainable Cleaning Practices and Water Conservation in Facilities

Healthcare | 4/8/2023

Rubbermaid Microfibre General Purpose Cloth

Rubbermaid Commercial Products microfibre is not only effective in removing dirt and grime, but also plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of infections and maintaining a hygienic environment. Remarkably, microfibre cloths can effectively eliminate 99.99% of microbes using water alone.

This is made possible through the combination of polyester and polyamide, giving rise to a product that excels in both eradicating bacteria and effectively removing first and grime.

Commercial microfibre is a sustainable product with an innate ability to conserve water and reduce waste in all spaces, from hospitals, schools, aged care facilities and commercial buildings.

Continue reading to learn more about sustainable cleaning and the environmental impact of using green cleaning practices and cleaning equipment.

Importance of sustainable cleaning
Adopting sustainable cleaning practices in facilities is good for the health and well-being of cleaning team members, and it also prevents harmful chemicals from being released into the environment. On top of this, green cleaning practices can benefit the environment by reducing waste, water and energy usage. It is also more cost-effective in the long run.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ HYGEN Microfibre System plays a significant role in sustainable cleaning. Your cleaning staff can replace paper towels and single-use cloths with our microfibre options that can withstand up to 500 washes. This reduces the amount of waste, reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint.

Microfibre cleaning supplies are designed to meet sustainability goals, focusing on reusability and the ability to effectively clean without excessive water consumption. Rubbermaid Commercial Products recognises the importance of these features in safeguarding the environment and contributing to the well-being of your organisation.

Mop and bucket

Effectively using water conservation methods in facilities 
The efficient use of water in facilities is important not only from an environmental perspective, but also for your bottom line. By effectively managing your water usage, you can help reduce facility costs. Another factor is electricity, which can increase the carbon footprint of your facility. It takes a high level of energy to pump, treat and distribute water. This makes it essential to conserve energy by reducing the amount used during cleaning. Inefficient water usage can significantly increase electricity consumption, leading to adverse environmental effects and higher utility bills for your company.

Traditional cleaning products like wet mops and buckets require a large amount of water, which must be dumped out and replaced frequently. Rubbermaid Commercial Products help reduce water usage in cleaning by using only the necessary amount of liquid for each cleaning task. The result is a spotless clean with much less water and cleaning chemicals used.

Conserve waterConserve water
rubbErmaid commercial products: a better alternative to traditional cleaning products 
Rubbermaid Commercial Products stand apart from conventional cleaning practices by actively contributing to conservation efforts. To create a meaningful environmental impact, facilities should embrace sustainable commercial cleaning solutions like our microfibre range.

Discover our wide range of microfibre cloths and other related cleaning products today. Find out more on the environmental impact of these cleaning supplies and how they conserve water and chemical usage.