Unlocking Business Sustainability: The Benefits of Investing in Longevity With Rubbermaid

Facility Management | 1/8/2023

Elevating Eco-Friendly Practices

To grow a successful business, it is essential to invest in the products and services that you use. This not only helps maintain high-quality performance but also keeps costs low in the long run.

Do you want to know how to get the most out of your cleaning supplies and products and where to purchase them? Let’s explore what it takes to become a more sustainable business and the importance of choosing products that will last a lifetime.

Business sustainability is about creating long-term value by making decisions on investments that will withstand the test of time. These sustainable investment choices are crucial, given the alarming statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics stating that Australia generated 76 million tonnes of waste in 2020, marking a 10% increase since 2017. One contributing factor is poor purchasing decisions by companies, opting for cheap and flimsy cleaning products that fall apart and end up discarded. .

To establish more sustainable practices and make better financial and environmental decisions, it's crucial to choose products with increased longevity. Product longevity refers to the time from when an item is sold to when it is eventually discarded. The longer a product lasts, the more value it adds to a business, making it a vital aspect of a company's sustainability strategy. By investing in high-quality products that do not need frequent replacements, businesses can significantly reduce waste, improve their carbon footprint and minimise their environmental impact.


While using products made from recycled materials may seem beneficial to sustainability initiatives, they may not make a significant difference in a business overall greenhouse gas emissions. Many recycled products need to be blanched before use, leading to the release of toxic hazards and pollutants into the environment if not handled properly. Additionally, recycling certain materials, like plastic, can result in dangerous byproducts to be outsourced to other countries, according to Ecavo.

Furthermore, recycled materials might not have the same level of longevity as products intentionally designed for durability and long-term use. Despite the benefits of upcycling materials into new items, they might not withstand rough cleaning tasks and harsh disinfectants, resulting in less sustainable change than expected. In contrast, products like Rubbermaid Commercial Products have a competitive advantage over recycled goods because they contribute to an organisation's waste management strategy and enhance environmental sustainability.

Rubbermaid Cleaning Cart

Making a sustainable investment in products with a focus on longevity can reduce costs and minimise landfill waste over time. Take Rubbermaid cleaning carts, for example. Made from extremely durable plastic, these high-capacity solutions are built with durability and reliability as a top priority. When you invest in a janitorial cleaning cart from Rubbermaid, you won’t have to worry about replacing it for years to come. This not only saves your organisation money, but it also lowers your business’ carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions by establishing better waste management practices and sustainability goals, keeping high amounts of waste from entering landfills.

Ready to buy products that will boost your sustainability efforts and save your organisation money? Continue your sustainability journey by choosing Rubbermaid Commercial Products cleaning carts and other sustainable products today. And explore our product longevity resource for a deeper dive into the topic of business sustainability.