Infectious Disease Cleanup Best Practices

News| 18/10/2021

Infectious disease cleanup best practices are a must in vulnerable hospital environments. Here are our suggestions for maintaining optimal hygiene.
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Hospital environmental services best practices | Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Healthcare| 13/09/2021

Understanding the rigorous guidelines and hospital environmental services best practices can help your facility provide the cleanest space possible for care.
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Mopping comparison study at the Royal Melbourne Hospital

Healthcare| 7/09/2021

Mopping a hospital floor can put great strain on the upper body. We carried out a carefully controlled comparison study at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, to examine the movement risk for cleaning operatives when using different mopping techniques and products.
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How to prevent infection from spreading in aged care centres

Healthcare| 16/07/2021

Aged care centres are prone to transmittable viruses. Let's look at the types of precautions these facilities can implement to help minimise the spread of infections.
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The benefits of using disposable mop heads in hospital settings

Healthcare| 28/05/2021

Disposable mop heads in hospital settings, in particular, may be more beneficial than you think.
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What Is the Difference Between Sanitising and Disinfecting?

Healthcare| 13/05/2021

Take a closer look at the main distinctions between sanitising and disinfecting: two impactful cleaning methods for germ removal.
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What is Infection Control in Aged Care?

Healthcare| 5/05/2021

Let’s take a closer look at some of the common infections that develop in the aged care community and what types of solutions can be implemented to help protect residents.
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using bleach

Bleach and Bleach Safe Products

Healthcare| 15/03/2021

When can you use bleach? Learn more about the advantages and factors to consider when using this product, namely pertaining to efficacy and safety.
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Are all microfibre cloths the same?

Healthcare| 15/03/2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we think about cleaning and touching surfaces altogether.
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Medical center and hospital cleaning checklist: how to ensure a hygienic hospital

Healthcare| 2/01/2021

A hygienic space is automatically expected by the public when entering a hospital or medical centre. Management of health-care waste, effective disinfecting and sound hygienic practices followed by all medical staff, patients and visitors are integral parts of hospital hygiene and infection control.
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Preventing Hospital Acquired Infections In The Mri Room

Healthcare| 21/10/2020

HYGEN microfibre cloths, damp mops, dry mops and disposable solutions are safe to use in MRI and X-ray rooms.
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Overcoming The Challenge Of Keeping Patient Waiting Rooms Hygienic

Healthcare| 2/10/2020

Deep cleaning requires durable, commercial-grade equipment that kills and removes dangerous bacteria and viruses.
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