Combatting C. difficile: The Role of Disposable Microfibre in Australian Healthcare

Healthcare| 5/4/2024

The rise of Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) infections within Australian healthcare facilities presents a formidable challenge, endangering patient safety and demanding urgent and effective infection prevention measures.
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Medical Check Up

Combat Hospital-Acquired Infections With Microfibre Solutions

Healthcare| 15/3/2024

In healthcare facilities, the risk of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) — or healthcare-associated infections — looms, affecting patient recovery and healthcare worker safety.
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Enhancing MRI Room Safety with HYGEN Equipment

Healthcare| 16/2/2024

In the high-stakes healthcare environment, maintaining impeccable hygiene in MRI rooms is critical to preventing Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs).
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Not All Microfibre is Created Equally

Healthcare| 9/2/2024

Why are Rubbermaid Commercial Products Different? Microfibre is a bedrock in the world of cleaning, known for its microscopic fibres that easily tackle dirt and microbes. Rubbermaid Commercial's HYGEN microfibre products elevate this concept, blending superior cleaning with sustainability.
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4 Essential Steps to Superior Hand Hygiene: Elevating Health and Safety in Businesses with Rubbermaid Solutions

Healthcare| 18/12/2023

Hand hygiene is a critical practice in the pursuit of disease control, infection prevention and maintaining a healthy business environment. Poor hand hygiene can lead to the spread of infections, particularly in high-risk areas like hospitals and care facilities.
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Rubbermaid Microfibre General Purpose Cloth

Discover the Power of RCP Microfibre: Enhancing Sustainable Cleaning Practices and Water Conservation in Facilities

Healthcare| 4/8/2023

Rubbermaid Commercial Products microfibre is not only effective in removing dirt and grime, but also plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of infections and maintaining a hygienic environment. Remarkably, microfibre cloths can effectively eliminate 99.99% of microbes using water alone.
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Healthcare Settings

Why Touch-Free Sanitiser Stations Are Critical In Hospitals

Healthcare| 5/6/2023

Germs, bacteria and pathogens are prevalent in every environment. Regardless of the finesse of commercial cleaning, harmful organisms will exist on a premises. For this reason, even the highest cleaning standards alone cannot guarantee that people will not contract infections in commercial settings, primarily due to transmission methods like person-to-person contact.
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How can utilising ergonomics when cleaning reduce liability and cost for healthcare businesses?

Healthcare| 15/5/2023

Implementing ergonomics in cleaning and sanitisation can save healthcare businesses thousands in liabilities. Find out how in our recent blog.
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Elderly Hospitalization

Maintaining an infection-free hospital while patients are in beds

Healthcare| 16/1/2023

Hospitals and other care facilities, such as aged care centres, may often need to work with bed-bound patients, particularly seniors. While a hospital bed allows them to rest easily, too much time in the bed can produce excessive bacteria, which can be a leading cause of declining health.
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Mop for Cleaning Ceilings

How to pick out the best mop for cleaning ceilings

Healthcare| 30/9/2022

Clean your facility from top to bottom with the right mop for the job. Put our tips and techniques into practice for the best ceiling clean.
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Hemodialysis  Center

Maintaining Strict Infection Control Protocols Over Shared Patient Equipment

Healthcare| 19/9/2022

Though a lot of equipment in hospital facilities is disposable, there are plenty of pieces of equipment which can be reused for years and even decades. Beds, wheelchairs, bathroom equipment, walkers and IV equipment are some of the reusable resources in hospital settings.
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Deep Cleaning

Your ultimate deep cleaning checklist

Healthcare| 6/9/2022

Plan and execute your next deep clean like never before. Our deep cleaning checklist ticks off every box for a thorough commercial services treatment.
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