Not All Microfibre is Created Equally

Healthcare | 9/2/2024


Why are Rubbermaid Commercial Products Different?

Microfibre is a bedrock in the world of cleaning, known for its microscopic fibres that easily tackle dirt and microbes. Rubbermaid Commercial's HYGEN microfibre products elevate this concept, blending superior cleaning with sustainability. Let's explore how HYGEN™ stands apart in microbe removal and environmental friendliness.
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The HYGEN™ Edge: Sustainability Meets Superior Cleaning

Rubbermaid's HYGEN™ microfibre products are at the forefront of eco-conscious cleaning, setting a new standard for efficiency and environmental stewardship. These products stand out by eliminating the need for chemical detergents and leveraging the power of water alone to remove microbes effectively. This innovative approach significantly diminishes the environmental footprint associated with cleaning, positioning HYGEN™ as a leader in sustainable cleaning solutions.

The efficacy of HYGEN™ products is rooted in their cutting-edge design and technology. The microfibres are engineered to be split 16 times in more than 95% of the strands, creating an expansive surface area capable of capturing and eliminating up to 99.99% of pathogens, such as MRSA and the common coronavirus. 

This level of performance is rigorously verified through testing. It complies with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, ensuring that HYGEN™ products deliver exceptional cleaning results and uphold the highest standards of safety and environmental responsibility.


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HYGEN™ Microfibre Products: A Closer Look

Rubbermaid's HYGEN™ collection encompasses various cleaning solutions — each meticulously designed to address specific cleaning challenges. From disposable cloths that mitigate the risk of cross-contamination in critical areas to durable mops crafted for daily cleaning routines, HYGEN™ offers tailored solutions that enhance cleaning efficiency while promoting sustainability. The disposable options are particularly suited for settings where laundering isn't feasible, providing a hygienic solution that complements efforts to maintain pristine environments.

The resilience and extended lifespan of HYGEN™ products underscore their contribution to eco-friendly cleaning practices. These products meet and surpass industry benchmarks and are aligned with CDC laundering recommendations. 

This commitment to quality ensures that HYGEN™ tools maintain their effectiveness over time, reducing the environmental impact and cost associated with frequent product replacements. By integrating durability with superior cleaning capabilities, HYGEN™ microfibre products embody the perfect synergy of sustainability and performance.

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Embrace the Future of Cleaning with HYGEN™

Rubbermaid Commercial's HYGEN™ microfibre products redefine excellence in the cleaning industry with their unparalleled sustainability, unmatched microbe removal efficiency and groundbreaking design. Opting for HYGEN™ allows facilities to achieve superior cleanliness and embrace a future where environmental responsibility is a priority. 

This choice reflects a commitment to safeguarding both health and the planet, positioning HYGEN™ as the intelligent option for those who value efficacy and ecological integrity in their cleaning practices. In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, HYGEN™ leads the way, proving that effective cleaning does not have to come at the expense of the environment.

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