Why Touch-Free Sanitiser Stations Are Critical In Hospitals

Healthcare | 5/6/2023

Healthcare Settings

Germs, bacteria and pathogens are prevalent in every environment. Regardless of the finesse of commercial cleaning, harmful organisms will exist on a premises. For this reason, even the highest cleaning standards alone cannot guarantee that people will not contract infections in commercial settings, primarily due to transmission methods like person-to-person contact. However, there are many things that business owners can do to reduce the chances of pathogens spreading onto patrons at their venues, particularly in hospital settings. 

One of the best ways to achieve this is through touch-free sanitiser stations. 

The following blog explores the critical role that these stations play and why they are essential in hospitals. 

Understanding the role of hand hygiene in infection control 

Before delving into the role that touch-free sanitiser stations play in businesses, it’s important to discover the crucial role of hand hygiene when infection control is considered. In hospital settings, there are many people with compromised health, some of which have contagious infections they are recovering from. Good hand hygiene can prevent infectious pathogens from spreading onto the hands of healthy guests, workers or other patients, which can then cause them to be infected, especially if they were to touch their face afterwards. This phenomenon then drives up the rate of HAIs, which can bring down a hospital’s reputation, reduce bed availability, and place a strain on resources. 

Why is traditional hand sanitising not effective in hospital settings? 

Traditional hand sanitising, such as using sanitiser bottles, may not be effective in hospital settings, especially when used incorrectly. They can also lead to instances of cross-contamination, which can impact the health and safety of hospital patrons. In the fast-paced hospital environment, these bottles can also be time-consuming, which can lead to delays, especially if staff are unable to find their designated bottle. On top of this, they can also significantly contribute to landfill waste, especially if small 100ml bottles are in constant use. 

Why are touch-free sanitiser stations the best solution? 

Using advanced motion sensing technology, touch-free hand sanitiser stations are the solution to healthcare cleanliness and healthcare infection prevention. They are also specially innovated to dispense the right amount of hand sanitiser every time, which prevents wastage or overuse. This can also reduce paper waste in hospitals as patrons and staff do not need to actively search for a way to remove excess sanitiser from their skin. 

As they don’t require a physical contract to dispense, these stations can also prevent a build-up of harmful pathogens on their surface, which are then transmitted when a patron uses them. Despite this, it is still recommended stations are cleaned with HYGEN Microfibre once every two hours to guarantee the highest level of cleanliness.

What are the benefits of touch-free sanitiser stations? 

On top of the benefits listed above, there are countless benefits of utilising touch-free sanitiser stations in hospitals. 

Reducing the risk of infection 

Firstly, they create a safer environment by giving people the chance to sanitise their hands before entering and exiting critical points in a hospital. When placed at the front door and ward entrances, they can guarantee outside germs do not enter a specific part of the facility. This can significantly protect the health of those in hospital care. Though, it can also help ensure that patients do not contract any potentially harmful viral infections from those in the hospital. 

Maintaining compliance 

Having touch-free sanitiser stations on the premises also means that hospitals remain compliant with their cleanliness and hand-hygiene protocols. This is a critical factor in ensuring that hospitals pass any safety or routine hygiene inspections. Once again, having these stations placed conveniently can also encourage patrons and staff to ensure their hand hygiene is upheld throughout their entire trip to the hospital facility. 

Cost savings

The Rubbermaid touch-free sanitiser station range is innovated to dispense the right amount of liquid every time, so sanitiser, which can come at a high cost, is not wasted. Purchasing the stands is also a once-off payment and the stands are built to last years and years of usage. This means that the costs are spread amongst years of usage, making them cost-effective for hospital settings and healthcare facilities.

Increased Accessibility 

The Rubbermaid Touch-Free Sanitiser Stations boost accessibility in hospitals, especially for those who may not have the dexterity to use regular sanitiser bottles. They’re also convenient for children, who may not have the height to reach wall-mounted sanitiser stations. 

With the sanitiser stations available around the premises, it also allows those who may not have their own bottles available to access hand-sanitising solutions. 

Trust Rubbermaid Commercial Products for your Touch-Free Sanitiser Stations 

As masters of commercial cleaning and hygiene, the Rubbermaid Commercial Products team understands how paramount hand sanitisation is in healthcare settings. For this reason, we have developed a range of touch-free solutions to suit a range of healthcare settings, from hospitals to general practitioners’ offices. 

As mentioned, these solutions are also effective at improving healthcare compliance and infection control. This is because they also allow patrons to take charge of their personal cleanliness, which can reduce the chances of person-to-person infections spreading.

If you’re interested in investing in the Rubbermaid Commercial Products range to create a healthier environment for the future of your premises, our team is always here to help. Contact us today to learn more and discover the best solution for you.