Unlocking the Essence of Housekeeping in Hospitality

Hospitality| 3/5/2024

What is the role of housekeeping in a setting such as an upscale hotel? In the hospitality industry, housekeepers are often overlooked or underrated, seen as mere cleaning service staff. Hotel housekeeping workers are much more than their job; however, as the staff who have the most direct impact on hotel guests' comfort and satisfaction, they are truly on the front lines of presentation and perception.
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Ergonomic Challenges In Hospitality And How To Solve Them

Hospitality| 19/4/2024

The hospitality industry demands a lot from its workers, from the repetitive tasks of housekeeping to the heavy lifting involved in kitchen operations. This makes ensuring staff's well-being a priority, achievable through ergonomic solutions that help enhance their health and safety while also boosting productivity and job satisfaction.
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Choosing the Right High Chair for Your Restaurant: Durability, Hygiene, and Safety Considerations

Hospitality| 12/4/2024

Selecting the right baby high chair for your restaurant is an integral part of ensuring the comfort and safety of the youngest guests. This decision reflects directly on your restaurant's commitment to quality and safety while enhancing the overall dining experience. Rubbermaid leads the way in this domain by leveraging Microban technology in their restaurant high chairs, setting new benchmarks for safety and hygiene in the food service industry.
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A Guide to Must-Have Products in Quick Service Restaurants

Hospitality| 28/3/2024

Efficiency, hygiene and organisation stand at the forefront of operational excellence in Quick Service Restaurants (QSR). These elements are crucial for maintaining a rapid service pace, ensuring a clean environment and managing kitchen operations efficiently.
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Hotel Facilities

Best practices for keeping hotel facilities clean

Hospitality| 10/4/2023

Hospitality businesses have a lot of aspects to consider. This includes but isn’t limited to gyms, pools, restaurants, rooms, common areas and bathrooms. Therefore, unlike businesses, such as restaurants, they need to consider multiple different cleaning strategies to guarantee they maintain the highest level of cleanliness.
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Restaurant Cleaning Procedures

Restaurant cleaning procedures that exceed expectations

Hospitality| 23/8/2022

In our post-COVID world, it has never been more important to ensure a safe dining experience for restaurant guests. This means your restaurant's cleaning procedures are vital to its success and your customer's enjoyment. Read on to discover the importance of thorough cleaning practices and effective techniques for cleansing your restaurant space moving forward.
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Hotel Interior

Hospitality cleaning guide: A step-by-step hotel cleaning checklist

Hospitality| 15/8/2022

With international and domestic travel booming again after the devastating impacts of the COVID19 pandemic, hotels, motels, hostels, and Air BnBs need to pay more attention than ever to their cleaning schedules.
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Cleanliness vs sanitisation. What is most essential in a hospitality setting?

Hospitality| 4/7/2022

Cleaning and sanitisation are two terms which are often used interchangeably. These two actions, however, serve very different purposes when it comes to infection control. This blog dives into what these differences mean for the hospitality space.
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Travel is BACK. Cleaning protocols to ensure your guests leave you a 5-star review

Hospitality| 25/5/2022

The world has changed tremendously over the past three years with the prominence of COVID19. As a consensus, it has made many people and communities warier of how fast infections can spread and how the right measures can be implemented to reduce the risk of transmission.
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White Ceramic Bathtub

How do hotels keep glass shower doors clean?

Hospitality| 22/4/2022

It's no secret that keeping a hotel clean and presentable is a huge undertaking. There are so many details to attend to, and it can be difficult to keep up with everything. One of the most important details is ensuring that glass shower doors are sparkling clean. But how do hotels keep glass shower doors clean and streak-free?
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Cleaning Guidelines for Restaurants

Cleaning Guidelines for Restaurants

Hospitality| 7/4/2022

Restaurants in Australia are bound by food safety laws to maintain a constantly high level of cleanliness to prevent food-borne viruses and illnesses for customers and staff. The federal and state legislation about food safety specifically references the need for a safe and clean restaurant.
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Housekeeping | Rubbermaid Commercial Products

How to improve your housekeeping department

Hospitality| 18/1/2022

Now more than ever, hotel housekeeping staff plays a vital role in ensuring guests feel safe and comfortable during their stay; overall cleanliness is essential to guest satisfaction. By prioritising your housekeeping operation standards and protocols, there’s an opportunity to improve staff productivity while simultaneously meeting hotel goals and quality standards.
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