Choosing the Right High Chair for Your Restaurant: Durability, Hygiene, and Safety Considerations

Hospitality | 12/4/2024

Selecting the right baby high chair for your restaurant is an integral part of ensuring the comfort and safety of the youngest guests. This decision reflects directly on your restaurant's commitment to quality and safety while enhancing the overall dining experience. Rubbermaid leads the way in this domain by leveraging Microban technology in their restaurant high chairs, setting new benchmarks for safety and hygiene in the food service industry.

A mum with a baby in high chair

Why Is Choosing the Right High Chair Important?

The choice of restaurant high chairs significantly influences the family dining experience. Ensuring these chairs combine durability, hygiene, safety, design, and efficiency not only showcases a restaurant's dedication to exceptional customer service but also its compliance with health standards. And so, these factors are crucial in building a reputable image and ensuring adherence to safety regulations.

Key Considerations for Selecting High Chairs

Selecting the ideal high chair for your dining establishment involves several critical considerations:

1. Hygiene and ease of cleaning

Keeping high chairs sanitary is paramount. Rubbermaid high chairs are easy to clean and are equipped with Microban technology to minimise bacterial risks effectively. This technology ensures the chairs, including the seat belt and tray, remain hygienic between cleanings.

2. Durability

High chairs must endure daily use without showing significant wear and tear. Rubbermaid’s durable designs guarantee a lasting addition to your restaurant furniture.

3. Safety features

A secure seat belt and stable design are essential for any baby high chair, providing safety and comfort for young diners and peace of mind for their caregivers.

4. Design and comfort

The high chair should complement your restaurant's decor while also offering comfort. Whether it's a sleek design that matches your restaurant furniture or a classic wooden high chair, it should enhance your dining space's aesthetic appeal.

5. Space efficiency

In a busy restaurant, space is valuable. Stackable high chairs or those that integrate smoothly with your table tops and dining area help optimise space without compromising on functionality or style.

6. Regulatory compliance

Ensuring that the high chairs meet rigorous health and safety standards is crucial for protecting both your business and your patrons.

The Science Behind Microban’s Antimicrobial Action

Microban technology plays a pivotal role in setting Rubbermaid’s restaurant high chairs apart. By preventing microbial reproduction, Microban provides a continuous shield against bacteria, which makes these chairs a safer choice for restaurants. Its incorporation into Rubbermaid products adds an extra layer of protection, particularly on high-touch surfaces like trays and seat belts, ensuring these areas remain cleaner and more hygienic for every child.


The Benefits of Microban-Equipped High Chairs

Should you choose a high chair with Mictroban technology, these are some of the main advantages you can expect: 

  • Superior antibacterial protection: Actively prevents bacteria growth, keeping high-touch areas like seat belts and trays cleaner.
  • Enhanced safety and cleanliness: Offers an added safety layer, and ensures a hygienic dining environment for families.
  • Simplified maintenance: The presence of Microban reduces the need for frequent deep cleaning, thanks to its continuous antimicrobial action.

Rubbermaid’s high chairs not only promise durability and environmental friendliness but also ensure that these essential pieces of restaurant furniture meet the needs of today's eco-conscious consumers. Including Microban technology also enhances the chair's lifespan, aligning with sustainable practices by reducing the need for replacements.

A baby seated in a high chair


Enhancing Your Restaurant’s Safety and Hygiene Standards

Incorporating Rubbermaid’s Microban-equipped restaurant high chairs into your establishment is a clear statement of your commitment to the highest safety and hygiene standards. This choice complies with health regulations and may boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, positioning your restaurant as a preferred choice for families.

In an industry where every detail counts, making the right choices in restaurant furniture — especially in selecting the perfect baby high chair — can dramatically enhance your guests' dining experience.

Elevate your dining space’s safety and cleanliness today. Discover Rubbermaid Commercial High Chairs with Microban Technology, and bring unparalleled comfort and protection to your youngest patrons.