Unlocking the Essence of Housekeeping in Hospitality

Hospitality | 3/5/2024

What is the role of housekeeping in a setting such as an upscale hotel? In the hospitality industry, housekeepers are often overlooked or underrated, seen as mere cleaning service staff. Hotel housekeeping workers are much more than their job; however, as the staff who have the most direct impact on hotel guests' comfort and satisfaction, they are truly on the front lines of presentation and perception.

The function of housekeeping should be to keep rooms clean, sanitary and welcoming and to present the hotel's best face at all times in every interaction. Good housekeeping practices will involve not just attention to detail but also friendly, helpful attitudes and a professional appearance.

Housekeepers — often functioning as room attendants — are crucial to maintaining the safety and cleanliness standards that guests expect. Their tasks extend beyond just cleaning, encompassing guest room preparation and ensuring that all aspects of the housekeeping department contribute to a superb guest experience.

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Hotel Guest Experiences With Housekeeping Staff

If all goes well during a guest visit, the hotel housekeeping room attendant will provide a memorable experience by virtue of an impeccably clean environment and prompt response to any and all requests made of the housekeeping department. These can include:

  • Requests for extra linens or towels (these can often be anticipated, and supplies be left standing by).
  • Alerts that something is amiss (an accident or spill in the room necessitating clean-up).
  • Communications regarding linen change preferences, turndown service and more.

Housekeeping duties start with the inspection of a room after checkout, cleaning it according to hotel standards and refreshing the room's supplies. Once a new guest has arrived, prompt, cheerful and professional attention to their needs can reinforce how the hotel cares for its guests and leaves a good impression.

The meticulous care and attention provided by the housekeeping staff play a key role in shaping the overall guest experience in the hospitality industry. Their efforts in maintaining cleanliness and safety are directly reflected in guest reviews. Positive feedback from these interactions not only boosts the reputation of the hotel but also leads to repeat business and referrals, which emphasises the essential nature of high-quality housekeeping services.

This high level of customer service helps ensure that every guest room is a sanctuary of comfort and cleanliness and fosters an atmosphere where guests feel valued and cared for. The effectiveness of the housekeeping team — from the executive housekeeper to each housekeeping attendant — is critical in the fast-paced environment of hotel services.

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Professionalism Is Key For Guest Satisfaction

Hotel guests expect a certain level of professionalism from all staff members, including housekeepers. Enhance the professional appearance of your housekeeping team by making sure they are provided with the following:

  • Comprehensive training in their housekeeping duties, with special attention paid to request handling, conflict or complaint resolution and guest and staff safety.
  • Appropriate guidance on personal hygiene and appearance, including non-gender-specific requirements for jewellery and other accessories.
  • Properly fitted uniforms, preferably with names embroidered clearly along with the hotel branding (otherwise with clear, legible branded name tags).
  • Secure coded room key cards that are easy to access and hard to lift, along with specific training surrounding guest-room security.
  • Professional hospitality cleaning equipment that is easy to keep clean, efficient, manoeuvrable and allows workers to do their tasks effectively in a tight time frame.

In addition to these practices, it is crucial to emphasise the importance of adhering to strict hygiene and health protocols to ensure the safety of both guests and staff. Hygiene in the hotel environment, as highlighted in recent studies, plays a pivotal role in shaping guest perceptions and directly impacts customer retention. Good hygiene practices not only meet regulatory standards but also foster a sense of trust and care, which are fundamental to enhancing guest satisfaction and loyalty.

How do cleanliness, tidiness and hygiene directly influence guest satisfaction and loyalty? Clean, tidy and hygienic environments are essential in creating a comfortable and safe space for guests, which significantly boosts their overall satisfaction and increases the likelihood of repeat visits and positive referrals. As demonstrated in the study mentioned above, hotels that maintain high standards of hygiene are seen as more reputable and reliable, which directly influences guests' decisions to return and recommend the hotel to others.

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Hospitality Cleaning Solutions

Of the above-mentioned professional items, the equipment provided to housekeeping staff should be designed specifically for hospitality rather than being repurposed janitorial equipment. Hospitality requires an industry-specific cart design, to allow for the intimate discretion that comes with cleaning spaces that are being lived in.


While traditional classic housekeeping carts are the best, most effective choice for cleaning vacated guest rooms, a higher level of professionalism and personalized care can be presented with the use of the Executive Quick Cart, which can be taken into a room and used for a fast turnover per guest request.

Spot Cleaning

A spill or other mishap may require immediate attention. Instead of showing up with a bucket and a stake of janitorial towels, disposable microfibre cloths can be used to make quick work of the mess and leave the room feeling and looking spotless again. The hygienic impression will leave guests feeling well-cared for.

Floor Care

If guests are in and out of a room, mopping or hauling out the vacuum may not be an option. A brushless mechanical sweeper lets housekeeping staff quickly work over carpet and smooth flooring to remove crumbs and debris swiftly without disrupting room occupants or leaving wet floors behind.

Sustainability Practices

By integrating environmentally friendly housekeeping practices, hotels can further enhance guest satisfaction. The use of eco-friendly cleaning products, reducing water and energy consumption and implementing waste management initiatives are essential steps in this direction. Learn more about Rubbermaid's commitment to sustainability, get to know our sustainability journey and discover best practices for hotel sustainability.

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Efficiency and Productivity in Housekeeping

Improving the efficiency and productivity of your housekeeping department is essential for maintaining the high standards expected in hospitality. Effective scheduling and regular job-specific training ensure that tasks align with guest needs and that staff are well-prepared, maintaining consistent service quality.

Investing in advanced cleaning equipment like high-capacity cleaning carts allows staff to carry all necessary supplies, reducing trips to the stockroom and physical strain. 

Using the right tools — such as microfibre cloths for quick cleanup and durable equipment designed for high-traffic areas — can enhance productivity without compromising cleanliness. Regular updates to cleaning protocols based on staff feedback can lead to more effective methods and better resource utilisation.

For insights on how to optimise housekeeping operations with state-of-the-art equipment, visit our guide on how to improve your hotel housekeeping. By focusing on strategic planning and the integration of professional cleaning tools, hotels can achieve peak operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

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