Aged Care

Why is launderable and disposable microfibre essential in aged care?

Aged Care| 17/4/2023

Cleaning and sanitising with microfibre can make all the difference in aged care. Find out why.
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Aged care Linen and Laundry management tips

Aged Care| 6/3/2023

The correct linen and laundry management can make all the difference when seeking to eradicate microorganisms and pathogens. Find out more.
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Here's why the right cleaning procedures in aged care are essential

Aged Care| 21/11/2022

Implementing the right cleaning procedures in aged care facilities can make all the difference. Here are some of our recommendations.
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Here’s how the right aged care cleaning tools and equipment can improve worker safety

Aged Care| 7/11/2022

Cleaning worker safety is essential to ensure that aged care cleanliness is maximised. The following blog explores how cleaner safety can be optimised across all aged care centres.
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Why preventing a super spreader event in aged care is essential

Aged Care| 30/5/2022

Aged care residents are much more vulnerable than the general population. An infection, such as COVID, could place them on bed rest and have serious repercussions. This blog addresses the importance of avoiding a superspreader in aged care settings and the cleaning protocols to do so.
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The best products and equipment for environmental cleaning in aged care

Aged Care| 5/5/2022

Environmental cleaning in aged care is only as effective as the equipment and procedures being used. Here’s what you should know:
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Aged Care Commercial Cleaning Schedule and Checklist

Aged Care| 29/3/2022

A comprehensive commercial cleaning schedule is essential to your business. Consider the following checklist for our best practice recommendations.
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Essential guide: infection control checklist in hospital and aged care facilities

Aged Care| 7/3/2022

Proper cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising protocols are essential in hospital settings. Here’s our complete guide to proper hospital infection control.
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Aged Care Royal Commission Cleaning Recommendations

Aged Care| 18/12/2021

Following consideration of more than 10,500 submissions and evidence from over 600 witnesses, the findings of the Commission show a clear focus on increasing quality of life through improving the safety and cleaning standards in Australia's aged care system
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How to prevent infection from spreading in aged care centres

Aged Care| 16/7/2021

Aged care centres are prone to transmittable viruses. Let's look at the types of precautions these facilities can implement to help minimise the spread of infections.
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What is Infection Control in Aged Care?

Aged Care| 5/5/2021

Let’s take a closer look at some of the common infections that develop in the aged care community and what types of solutions can be implemented to help protect residents.
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Why Sanitary Surfaces Are Needed In Aged Care

Aged Care| 13/7/2020

The global COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world that the oldest members of our communities are the most vulnerable to viral infections.
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