3 Rubbermaid Products That Aid Water Conservation in Aged Care Facilities

Aged Care | 26/4/2024

Water conservation is crucial in aged care facilities where balancing excellent resident care and environmental responsibility is vital. Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) offers innovative solutions that help reduce water usage effectively, as demonstrated in various case studies.

A close-up of a hand closing the water tap

1. Hygen™ Microfibre Cloths

Traditional cleaning methods in aged care facilities often involve excessive water and chemical use. RCP’s HYGEN™ microfibre cloths revolutionise this process with advanced microfibre technology that requires less water for cleaning, thereby enhancing sustainability. These cloths are not only effective in capturing and removing microbes and dirt but also significantly reduce the need for frequent water refills, conserving valuable resources. For more information and to browse these products, visit Rubbermaid's Microfibre Cloths.

Red HYGEN™ Microfibre Cloth cleaning in bathroom

2. Autofoam Soap Refills

The Autofoam Soap Refills feature a foaming formula that lathers more efficiently than traditional liquid soaps, meaning that less water is needed to wash hands thoroughly. This feature is particularly beneficial in aged care settings where hand hygiene is frequent, thus contributing to considerable water savings over time. Additionally, these refills are enriched with skin conditioners, which ensures that frequent hand washing does not compromise skin health. Learn more about Autofoam Soap Refills.

Bathroom with RCP autofoam dispensers

3. Hygen™ Pulse Microfibre Mop 

Compared to traditional mopping systems, the HYGEN™ Pulse Microfibre Mop stands out because it uses less water and chemicals, thanks to its microfibre technology and controlled-release system. This mop efficiently cleans more square footage faster, reducing both the water used and the time spent refilling and wringing. Such efficiency is crucial in large aged care facilities where frequent and effective cleaning is essential. For details on this innovative mopping system, visit Hygen Pulse Microfibre Mop.

Pulse Mop spraying water

Case Studies Highlight

Amana Living and Sanctuary Supported Living, both notable aged care providers, have significantly improved water conservation and operational efficiency after integrating Rubbermaid products. Amana Living’s adoption of the HYGEN™ system notably enhanced cleaning efficiency and reduced water usage across their facilities. Similarly, Sanctuary Supported Living achieved a 45% reduction in cleaning time and a significant decrease in water use by switching to Rubbermaid's advanced cleaning tools, which demonstrates the tangible benefits of these products in real-world settings.

A portrait of a care home resident and an aged care nurse


Key Takeaways

Choosing the right products that conserve water is essential for aged care facilities aiming to reduce their environmental footprint without compromising on cleanliness and resident care. RCP provides a suite of tools that not only meet hygiene standards but also promote sustainability. By integrating these water-conserving solutions, aged care facilities can significantly reduce water usage, supporting broader environmental goals. 

To explore more about how Rubbermaid supports aged care facilities, visit Rubbermaid Aged Care Solutions.