Aged Care Commercial Cleaning Schedule and Checklist

Aged Care | 29/3/2022

Aged Care Commercial Cleaning Schedule and Checklist

Cleaning any type of space requires diligence, organisation and a good amount of teamwork across staff members. It’s critical to maintain accurate cleaning schedules and checklists to ensure staff follow procedures, complete a task on time and adhere to respective cleaning guidelines to remain compliant.

The importance of strong commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning is about more than just appearing neat and tidy. It’s about ensuring the health and safety of visitors as well as making sure your business can remain compliant. An effective cleaning service reduces the spread of viruses and diseases by ensuring that staff are properly tending to areas that require sanitisation as often as needed. Some common deep cleaning tasks across different industries include:

  1. Disinfecting surfaces
  2. Santisting
  3. Sweeping floors
  4. Hard surface sanitisation
  5. Dusting
  6. Restocking cleaner
  7. Cleaning mirrors
  8. Restroom cleaning
  9. Hard floor upkeep
  10. Wet mopping
  11. Emptying waste and trash bins
  12. Carpet cleaning

In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, commercial deep cleaning services can be scheduled several times throughout the year. The daily cleaning list will vary depending on compliance needs, traffic in the office and the type of work that is done there.

Why create a comprehensive cleaning schedule

A comprehensive cleaning schedule allows cleaning staff, employees and managerial staff to know what needs to be cleaned and how often each area needs attention. Having a set schedule helps maintain cleanliness regularly, preventing debris like dust, dirt and germs from building up on surfaces. Rather than waiting until an area is visibly in need of cleaning, an office cleaning schedule offers a plan of action to keep things hygienic, compliant and appealing.

Overseeing the cleaning processes of a large staff can be very difficult without a comprehensive cleaning schedule to keep workflows streamlined and effective. With a schedule, cleaning staff will know exactly what rooms need to be worked on without wasting time recleaning low maintenance areas or missing places where cleanliness is vital and more frequent. For example, a lobby may need to be cleaned at the end of every workday, while high-touch machinery needs to be disinfected and sanitised after every shift.

Consider this commercial cleaning checklist

When looking for a commercial cleaning checklist to implement, be sure to select one that is comprehensive and detailed. Rubbermaid offers extensive cleaning checklists specific to different industry needs. Each list is relevant to equipment, surfaces, machinery and rooms that are used in different industries. Rubbermaid’s checklists provide step-by-step procedures to properly clean areas along with suggested Rubbermaid Commercial Products that are best suited for each job.

You can find customised checklists for the following industries:

  1. Aged care
  2. Distribution centre
  3. Education
  4. Food service/ Restaurant
  5. Hospitality/ Hotel
  6. Hospital
  7. Property management/ Office
  8. Retail
  9. Stadium and arena
  10. Transport and entertainment


Digitise your cleaning schedules and checklists with SMARTCLEAN

Rubbermaid Commercial Products SMARTCLEAN is a digital cleaning management software that offers many features that help to improve current commercial cleaning processes. With SMARTCLEAN you can:

  1. Track inventory of cleaning supplies, equipment and products.
  2. Schedule staff members to increase work visibility.
  3. Provide cleaning instructions while onboarding new staff.
  4. Track and monitor cleaning tasks as they are completed in real time.
  5. Conduct a comprehensive audit with a press of a button.


SMARTCLEAN brings together all aspects of efficient and effective cleaning for an all-in-one solution to improve commercial procedures including checklists and scheduling components.


No matter the industry or size of the business, standards for cleanliness are higher than ever. Rubbermaid offers tools, resources and solutions to help you meet or exceed those growing expectations. Learn more about how digitising your schedules and checklists with SMARTCLEAN can optimise your current cleaning procedures.