How To Achieve Good Hotel Hygiene Standards And Show It

Hospitality | 13/5/2020

Hotel Bedroom

  Good hotel hygiene standards don't just include doing an impeccable job of cleaning and sanitising. They also require being able to maintain the perception of cleanliness at all times, for guest confidence and management approval. Five-star hotels are even more under scrutiny, and must uphold the most rigorous standards when it comes to hotel hygiene and the perception of how sanitary each room and item is. The health and wellbeing of guests and staff is a top priority, and the reputation of the hotel can be at stake.

Hotel hygiene and perception

At times, hotel hospitality staff may be observed by guests, and this can also affect perceptions of cleanliness. Keeping cleaning items organised, having processes to keep dirtied items out of sight, and clearly defining how soiled linens and rubbish items are handled and disposed of can aid in creating the trust and comfort level required.

Compact carts keep your cleaning supplies organised.

Hospitality carts

A classic housekeeping cart is spacious enough to store all cleaning supplies in an orderly fashion. It has plenty of room for clean, neatly folded linens and towels for restocking, allowing guests who may spy a cart in use to verify that room turnover is being accomplished with pristine laundry. The cart can be used to block a doorway from the hall side, eliminating worries about tracking exterior dirt into a room being cleaned. Keep rubbish receptacles covered, and all bottles neatly in a row on lower levels of the cart.

Hotel bed making

Soiled linens can be discreetly bundled into a vinyl-lined linen bag, along with towels and other dirty items. As the hotel policy or guest request mandates, the bed may be remade fresh with clean linens every day, or stripped, aired, and remade with the same linens. The bed is often the first place a guest looks when entering or reentering a room. Pillows should be fluffed and turned to present a welcoming appearance, and bed corners made tight and square, with the coverlet smooth. Check bedskirts for any tucked up edges and make sure nothing has been kicked under the bed. If appropriate, stack decorative pillows or place shape-folded towels in place, or leave mints in accordance with hotel policy.

hotel hygiene standards

Hotel room cleanliness

Rubbish bins should be emptied into the appropriate rubbish receptacle on the cart, which should be promptly closed or covered to prevent odours from escaping or guest-generated debris being exposed. All lights must be turned on and off again to ensure no bulbs are malfunctioning. Dust thoroughly. It's still common practice for managers and guests to run a finger along a typically low-touch area to check for any residue, and base perception of a room's cleanliness on how much dust is in the groove of a mantle, the top of a doorsill or the back of a television set.

Hotel bathroom cleanliness

While the bed is the first place guests look for confirmation of luxury and comfort, the bathroom will be under the strictest inspection for cleanliness. Every surface should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, then a second pass made for good measure. Turn over bath sheets, hand towels, face rags and the bathmat if used. Make sure items are folded properly and squared on the shelf. Double-check the hair traps in the sink and bath or shower, and polish the tub or shower stall dry - as well as the sink and taps - to remove water droplet marks. hotel bathroom  Go over the mirror with appropriate glass cleaning supplies and polish to remove any streaks left from cleaning. Also polish any metal fittings to a shine. Disinfect high touch areas like the light switches and doorknobs. Clean the toilet inside and out and flush repeatedly to ensure no cleaning solution foam remains. Disposable microfibre cloths may be the best choice for the toilet exterior. Toilet paper should be replaced with a new roll (the remains of a partially used roll can be repurposed for staff bathrooms), and the end released and folded into a neat triangle. The floor should be thoroughly mopped from the furthest corner while backing out through the door. The final step is to run the exhaust fan while the remainder of the room is being cleaned and put in order. Look at the bathroom from a guest's perspective and ensure that it meets satisfactory hygiene standards and also presents a welcoming and sanitary image. Mop hardwood, vinyl or laminate flooring with a microfibre damp mop, or vacuum carpet with a vacuum cleaner that is in good working order and which has also been cleaned of any dust or debris. Make certain to back out of the room so as not to leave footprints. Following these steps can help secure the hotel's reputation for cleanliness and ensure that guests' perception of the hotel's hygiene is solidified. For more information on Rubbermaid hospitality products, contact our team today.