How to reduce the risk of super-spread infections in high-volume universities

Education| 18/07/2022

Universities are incredibly high-volume, placing them at risk of super-spreading infections. Our following blog showcases the infection-control methods that can be put in place in university environments.
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Avoiding foodborne infections and cross-contamination at school canteens

Education| 20/06/2022

Keeping a tight cleaning schedule and protocol in school canteens can avoid widespread foodborne infections. Our recent blog follows the steps all canteen staff can take to keep students safe and infection-free.
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Guidance On Infection Control in Schools and Other Childcare Settings

Education| 13/04/2022

Find the latest guidance regarding infection control for a school or childcare setting here.
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How to keep the school environment clean and hygienic

Education| 22/02/2022

Cleanliness and hygiene are essential in all crowded environments, and this is no different for schools, whether for early years or through to universities and colleges.
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How to keep a school canteen clean: Guidelines and best practices

News| 20/07/2021

Safeguard a healthier learning environment for all students by following our best practices on how to keep a school canteen clean.
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