Sustainable Approach to Maintain Air Care / Odour Control in Educational Facilities

Education | 24/4/2023

Businesses that occupy a large number of patrons or have public bathroom facilities have one common problem to overcome: odour control. One particular industry that must manage this day in and day out is educational facilities. Though, with businesses and the Rubbermaid Commercial Products team now focusing more and more on sustainability too, odour control must be managed sustainably and efficiently to create a pleasant environment for all users. 

Therefore, the following blog focuses on how educational facilities can maintain odour control while doing their part for the planet. Read on to discover more and how the Rubbermaid Commercial Products range can assist in making this process as seamless as possible. 


Create spaces with good ventilation 

When many people think about odour control in educational facilities, they may immediately think of bathrooms. While this is one aspect of where odours must be managed, it is not the only one. Some others include change rooms, classrooms, libraries, indoor eating areas and even outdoor areas. 

While some of these, like outdoor spaces, already have good ventilation, others must also have it installed or utilised. For areas with windows, this means keeping windows and doors open when possible to allow odours to come and pass quickly, without obstructing the learning experience for students too much. For spaces with limited window access, such as bathrooms or corridors, this relies on the installation of fans or vents that can absorb odours. 

Ventilation is also critical in infection prevention as it can ensure that pathogens cannot grow rapidly on surfaces in rooms, which can then cause widespread viral outbreaks. Ventilation also requires no or very little energy, which makes it one of the most sustainable odour control systems for educational facilities, including high schools. 

Maintain proper waste management to eliminate odours 

Some odours are caused by people and some by faecal waste. However, other odours that are prevalent in schools are those that are caused by rubbish, especially when it is not contained. Using an effective waste management system, such as employing BRUTE utility bins with lids, can guarantee that potentially odorous waste, such as tuna cans or degrading fruit, is contained and does not create an unpleasant space. 

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products team also recommends that waste that is prone to smelling is discarded in outdoor bins. This is because they are more likely to be changed daily, meaning that waste is not left to produce foul odours, which can interrupt class time. 

The BRUTE range is also a great example of sustainable odour management, as the bins have been designed to be incredibly durable. This means they are made to last for years and years of use and that replacements are hardly needed. This prevents a build-up of non-durable waste bins in landfills. Learn more about our sustainability pledge here.


Clean surfaces regularly to prevent odour buildup 

Food, human touch and bacteria can all create invisible odours throughout educational facilities. So, even if a surface looks visibly clean, it could, in fact, be the cause of lingering odours in a particular classroom, school bathroom or educational environment. Therefore, it’s essential that even if surfaces do not appear dirty, they are cleaned and sanitised regularly to prevent odours. 

Fortunately, the Rubbermaid Commercial Products team supplies a range of sustainable cleaning and sanitising solutions for schools and universities. This includes launderable HYGEN microfibre, which can withstand up to 500 washes, and disposable HYGEN microfibre, which is made from recycled plastic and bio-degradable. When used to clean surfaces daily, these solutions can minimise smells, as they have been specially crafted to ensure that all pathogens and microbes are lifted from a surface. Though, they can also ensure that a school’s carbon footprint is minimised, as they won’t be using single-use cleaning solutions that take centuries to break down in landfill. 

Try the Rubbermaid T-Cell Passive Air Care System 

Combined with the above solutions, the Rubbermaid T-Cell Passive Air Care System can help spaces in educational facilities feel fresher and odour free. It does so by dispensing scented spray into the air at regular intervals to control what otherwise could be nasty odours. 

This T-Cell system, unlike other similar solutions on the market, is also made with sustainability in mind. With this, it allows schools to create the most odour-free environment while minimising the impact that they have on the environment each day. 

Some ways that the Rubbermaid T-Cell Air Care System sets itself apart from other similar solutions include:

  • Requires no batteries, which would otherwise end up in a landfill at the end of their use period 
  • Covers up to 169.90 cubic meters, meaning fewer dispensers are needed in large spaces. This cuts down on a school’s plastic usage
  • Fragrance dosages are also innovated to last up to 60 days, this means that only 6 refills are needed per year, discounting school holiday periods when the air care system can go unused. 

Learn more about this innovative passive air care solution here.


Rubbermaid Commercial Products is here to help your educational facility 

Whether you’re operating a school, pre-school or university, at Rubbermaid Commercial Products, we know how hard it can be to manage odours. So, we are here to help. Contact our team today to learn more about our solutions as well as what we can do to guarantee that your educational environment always feels fresh.