Rubbermaid Helps Boost Recycling - Leeds Metropolitan University, UK


Leeds Metropolitan University has been a chartered university since 1992.Originally established in 1824 as the Leeds Mechanics Institute, a series of mergers with nearby colleges led to the formation of Leeds Polytechnic before it acquired its present name.

A tremendous amount of waste is generated at Leeds Metropolitan University. With its longstanding commitment to help create a greener planet, the university places a strong emphasis on recycling waste as much as possible.
1. How to instill a 'culture of recycling' amongst the university students and staff
2. How to ensure the provision of a solid and reliable solution
3. How to facilitate the recycling process for the 55 Rooms Assistants who are responsible for the upkeep of 134,000      square feet of university buildings
4. How to make recycling cost-effective.

Leeds Metropolitan University selected a series of Rubbermaid products designed to facilitate the recycling process. In particular, it chose the Slim Jim and Untouchable plastic recycling bins and their accompanying lids with different shaped openings for either paper or bottles. The university also chose the Glutton Recycling Station, a block of four Slim Jim plastic recycling bins and their accompanying lids with hinges. Once again, these lids have different shaped openings as well as labels to indicate whether the opening is for paper recycling, glass recycling, plastic recycling or waste. In addition, Leeds Metropolitan University also purchased large posters to hang above the Glutton Recycling Stations (as well as in other parts of the university) in order to clearly indicate which bins are for which type of recycling materials. 

The Rubbermaid solution has enabled Leeds Metropolitan University to boost the size and quality of its recycling programme, simplifying the work of the Rooms Assistants; and reducing costs. Within one year of the Rubbermaid solution being implemented, Leeds Metropolitan University achieved first place in the rankings of the most environmentally friendly universities in the UK by People & Planet.