Introducing The Rubbermaid Commercial Products Smart App

News | 2/6/2020

  The Rubbermaid Commercial Products Smart App delivers much needed, around-the-clock access to essential training content.

Solve critical process challenges

The new Rubbermaid Commercial Products Smart App opens the door to new opportunities for increasing training efficacy, improving the health of building occupants and reducing unnecessary costs. Maintenance personnel are held to a high standard. Their work is essential to promoting positive population health and reducing the spread of illness. Efficient training programs ensure cleaning staff have the knowledge and technical skills to support organisations' cleaning objectives. Without the right technology in place, training programs may miss key objectives, leading to poor quality of work. As a result, the health of building occupants can decrease, and costs can go up. Facilities that lack sufficient training resources have to deal with a number of common challenges:
  • Process troubleshooting: Cleaning staff may apply the incorrect solution to a process challenge if the task is something they don't typically encounter. For instance, they may choose the wrong cleaning tool for the job at hand, resulting in a suboptimal outcome.
  • Frequent staff turnover: The industry has a high turnover rate, which means new staff members must be constantly trained in the Rubbermaid Microfibre Cleaning System.
  • Language barriers: Most paper-based training materials use English, which is frequently not cleaning staff members' first language. This results in lower comprehension and increases the likelihood of costly mistakes.
  • High training costs: Large facilities with high cleaning staff turnover may require Rubbermaid Commercial Products Specialists on site multiple times per quarter to educate and reinforce learning.

Efficient training, from any platform

A multi-platform, app-based training program diminishes and eliminates many of the challenges faced by the commercial cleaning industry. Always-available training resources ensure cleaning staff have ready access to the knowledge they need to do their jobs well and adhere to the strictest compliance standards. The new Rubbermaid Commercial Products Smart App gives training programs immediate advantages:
  • Just-in-time support: When time is of the essence, immediate access to training resources empowers cleaning staff to instantly bridge gaps in their knowledge and make the right process decisions the first time.
  • User engagement: Compared with paper-based training materials, an app-based solution is easier to use in any situation.
  • Breadth of content: Cleaning staff can access a wide variety of content formats, allowing them to find the exact information they need, when they need it.
  • Cutting-edge technology: A clear advantage of app-based training is its ability to grow and evolve, taking advantage of the latest mobile technology.
See how easy it is to get started with the free Rubbermaid Commercial Products Smart App: Rubbermaid Global is on a mission of digital transformation. With the new app, Rubbermaid Commercial Products ANZ has taken the first step on this journey. New, mission-critical training solutions will help to ensure cleaning staff have the necessary resources to provide high-quality service in any industry. We're excited to see the app in action.