Novel Ways Of Improving Guest Experience In Hotels

Hospitality | 28/4/2020

  The hospitality industry is highly competitive. As part of finding ways to enhance the guest experience, hotels are turning to technology for cutting-edge hospitality solutions. Check out these ways to create novel hotel experiences.

Virtual or augmented reality

Hotel rooms can be booked after a virtual walk-through, helping to ensure guest satisfaction. Augmented reality can be used to enhance guest experiences, allowing a map to be superimposed on a hotel wall and directional advice given.

Mobile check-in

Eliminating lines at check-in can relieve guests of the need to deal with yet another interaction when they are tired from a long drive or flight or have children in tow. By providing mobile check-in, reception staff can be ready and waiting with room access cards in hand, and there's no need to reiterate tiresome confirmation procedures. This starts the customer experience off on a good note. Some mobile devices can be used in combination with facial recognition, or linked to an expense account for extra amenities.


Wi-Fi in each room should be an automatic provision, but it can be taken even further. Adding a tablet that allows for requests to be immediately directed to the correct department immediately can provide a personalised experience. Guests can swiftly ask for turn down service, extra towels, a mini-bar restock or room service with a few taps on the screen, and the message will be sent directly to the persons in charge of fulfilling the request. Hotel management can track requests and fulfillment, and collect guest feedback. Tablet tech can also be used to control a smart room, allowing temperature changes, raised or lowered blinds and other commands to be registered and deployed.

Location-based amenities

Alerts can be provided for guests who are seeking adventure during their stay, letting them know where and when they can find locally-based attractions. Everything from the best places to eat to family-friendly events or places to visit can be provided in real time, with the ability to sort by interest, date, time, and distance. This can be carried over to pinpointing a guest's location in a resort property, offering drinks specials if they are near the hotel bar, or letting them know about a concert about to start if they are wandering near a auditorium or events hall.
It doesn't matter how many high tech options are provided; if amenities aren't clean, the hotel brand will suffer. It doesn't matter how many high tech options are provided; if amenities aren't clean, the hotel brand will suffer.


It doesn't matter how many high tech options are provided; if a hotel room and bathroom aren't clean, the hotel brand will suffer. Rubbermaid offers a wide range of cleaning solutions that are not only effective, but discreet, with Executive series items that provide a superior level of professionalism for five-star hotels.
  • A small Executive Quick Cart allows rooms to be spot-cleaned on request without the hassle of a large cart that must be left in the hall; a staffer can be in and out of room in a few minutes when called to attend to a spill or other issue.
  • The Executive Vinyl Cleaning Bag allows soiled linens and towels to be swiftly bundled out of sight, avoiding any embarrassment for hotel guests who may literally not want their dirty laundry aired in front of others in the same wing or hall.
  • An Executive Telescoping Handle designed for use with microfibre cleaning cloths allows hospitality staff to quickly wipe down crown moulding the doorway frames, impressing guests who may be watching with the attention to detail.
By providing a modernised hotel experience with the highest levels of cleanliness, professionalism, and technological advancements, hotels can increase customer loyalty and maximise return bookings. For more information on Rubbermaid hospitality cleaning solutions, contact our team today.