How Durable Tools Support Your Housekeeping Procedures

Hospitality | 27/7/2020

Hygen Red Microfibre Cloth

Commercial grade cleaning tools and equipment support healthy indoor environments and therefore support the health and safety of local communities. As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world, a single person's actions have an effect on everyone he or she comes into contact with.

When it comes to safety, everyone has a responsibility. In the hospitality industry, that means leadership has the obligation to procure the right equipment so that housekeepers can do their jobs effectively. Durable cleaning equipment helps to keep spaces hygienic and appealing, prevents the spread of infections, improves staff productivity and protects the environment.

Supporting guest experience

It is essential that guests have trust in the hotel's ability to keep public and private areas clean. The sight of dirty, broken cleaning equipment can quickly break that trust. Durable commercial cleaning equipment is resilient; it presents an image of cleanliness and hygiene. For example, an executive housekeeping cart resists dents and scratches while providing ample room for all of the tools housekeepers need to do their job.

Proper waste management is one of the unsung heroes of hygiene. Placing waste in the right containers reduces guest exposure to potentially harmful substances. Stainless steel and durable resin waste bins keep unwanted odours from disrupting the guest experience. In addition, heavy duty waste containers ensure that waste gets removed from the premises.

Visible waste containers help everyone take responsibility for health and safety. Visible waste containers help everyone take responsibility for health and safety.

Supporting cleaning staff health

Commercial cleaning equipment has a number of benefits for the people who use them. Household tools are not designed to stand up to multiple hours of use per day. In fact, cleaning with the wrong tools can lead to permanent physical damage. Durable commercial cleaning tools are designed with ergonomics in mind.

When performed improperly or with the wrong equipment, the following tasks can lead to repetitive stress injuries:

  • Mopping and sweeping.
  • Dusting.
  • Vacuuming.
  • Wiping down tables and other surfaces.
  • Moving and hauling waste.

For example, when done without proper form, mopping can cause chronic pain in the back, arms and shoulders. Performing movements outside the typical range of motion - such as extending the arms to their maximum extent - can be dangerous, especially when repeated every day. Flat mops help to reduce this risk by making it easier to reach difficult spaces. Plus, mops equipped with an on-board spray reservoir do not require the cleaner to bend and wring out the mop, which is another movement that causes back pain.

Supporting the environment

When equipment that is not designed for heavy use is deployed on a daily basis, it breaks down faster. That means more money has to be spent on replacement tools. That endless cycle is not only bad for the bottom line, but also the environment.

Durable equipment lasts longer, which means fewer natural resources are needed to keep hotel housekeepers supplied with the tools they need. In addition, tools like the HYGEN™ Quick-Connect Wet/Dry support multiple flat mop heads, allowing housekeepers to use one tool for multiple purposes. The frame is highly durable, and replacement hook-and-loop strips further extend the equipment's useful life span.

The right tools help to keep spaces hygienic, improve the guest experience, protect worker health and preserve the environment. To see for yourself how durable commercial grade tools support effective housekeeping, check out the Rubbermaid® Commercial Products catalogue today.