The benefits of using disposable mop heads in hospital settings

Healthcare | 28/5/2021

Hospital Corridor and Medical Personel

The cleaning staff responsible for taking care of hospitals and other healthcare settings play a major role in infection control. The amount of time and effort put into cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting patient rooms, public gathering areas and other spaces is critical to the wellness of those staying, visiting and working within the hospital. In fact, research performed by the Avondale College of Higher Education and Australian Catholic University found that patients admitted to a room where the last patient had an infection are more likely to be infected by the same pathogen. That’s why finding reliable staff and the right cleaning protocols and tools is so critical to breaking the chain of infection and contamination.

Disposable mop heads in hospital settings, in particular, may be more beneficial than you think. Let’s take a closer look at the necessary steps needed to properly clean, sanitise and disinfect floors in a healthcare setting, as well as the benefits of using disposable mop heads in hospitals:

How to clean floors in a healthcare or hospital setting

Following certain guidelines and cleaning standards created for healthcare facilities, such as those provided by SA Health, can ensure hospital floors are properly cleaned so they're free of dust and dirt. Disinfection of floors may be assumed but isn’t necessary; certain studies show that disinfectant used on the floor provides no advantage over cleaning with a detergent or water. Additionally, the germs and microorganisms located on floors and lower surfaces may not pose as much risk as those located on frequently touched surfaces.

The benefits of using disposable mops heads in hospital settings

While laundering mops have always been the traditional cleaning equipment option for freshening up floors, the laundering process, in general, can be more time-consuming. Additionally, consistent laundering can eventually deteriorate the microfibre quality of the mops, thus impacting its ability to provide an accurate clean. Wet mop heads are generally used in kitchen settings or large public areas as well. In private rooms, such as those located in a hospital, single-use mop heads are more useful in terms of preventing infection cross contamination.

Using disposable mop heads in hospital settings can be highly advantageous. Here’s why:

It eliminates the laundering process. Laundering is a time-consuming process that requires lots of attention. Disposable mop heads take the hassle out of caring for the product and provide a fresh clean every time. 

It positively impacts infection control. Rubbermaid disposable HYGEN microfibre disposable mop pads are designed to remove 99.99% of microbes in bacterial and viral infections with water alone. 

It improves productivity and worker safety. Eliminate the need to walk back and forth to the cleaning storage room to change mop bucket water. There is also no need to awkwardly lift buckets to sinks to empty and fill up.

The advantages of Rubbermaid’s disposable microfibre mop heads

Now, more than ever, healthcare and hospital setting cleaning staff are tasked with the responsibility of eliminating infectious organisms and pathogens, and creating a safe and clean environment to put care workers, patients and family members at ease. Rubbermaid HYGEN Disposable Microfibre Mop Pads and other useful cleaning products are designed with infection control in mind, proven to remove 99.9% of tested virus and bacteria with only water. Plus, they physically remove 99.99% of human coronavirus OC43 on vinyl composition tile surfaces.

The Pulse Mop is a great option to promote safer cleaning methods with reduced water and chemical usage to produce an effective clean.

The Rubbermaid Commercial Disposable Wet Mop is also a useful option in promoting cleaner floors. Our product removes three times the dirt and grease from floors and reduces linting and quat binding.

These disposable mop pads and mop heads are perfect for hospital settings because they provide optimal infection control safeguarding, ensuring environmental hygiene and improve productivity by making cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting a seamless process. Additionally, all microfibre mop pads are colour-coded for each area or cleaning tasks to reduce cross-contamination.

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