Monash Health Optimises Infection Prevention With Disposable Microfibre System

Healthcare | 30/3/2016

Monash Health, the leading and largest integrated health service facility in Victoria, Australia, was searching for an optimal infection prevention solution that would streamline the steps involved in the cleaning process, decrease health and safety risks, and reduce environmental impact. After reviewing third-party lab testing and technical specifications, Monash Health chose Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ (RCP) HYGEN Disposable Microfibre System to test within the Monash Children’s Hospital Clayton.




Due to the success of the trial, Monash Health implemented the HYGEN Disposable Microfibre System in more than 50 facilities. The product is more effective than the facilities’ previous solutions, providing optimal infection prevention, superior cleaning performance and improved productivity by reducing the need for two-step chemical cleaning.

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Watch a video testimonial HERE from Elizabeth Gillespie - Co Director of Sterilisation and Infection Control at Monash Health