Slim Jim Step-on: A Perfect Fit For Healthcare Facilities


Parham Doctors' Hospital, a campus of Henrico Doctors' Hospital, is a 200-bed facility offering medical and surgical programs located in Richmond, Va. The award-winning facility has been named one of America's 50 Best Hospitals for the last nine years by Health grades. The hospital sees about 95 patients per day.

Each hospital room has about 12-15 people interacting with the waste container each day, with some containers not having proper lids or capacity by OSHA and OBRA standards. Current lids sometimes damaged the walls and the grooved pedals were difficult to clean.


The new Slim Jim Step-On features an internal hinge that reduces wall damage, added clearance on the foot pedal that improves efficiency in use and a flat foot pedal that allows for thorough cleaning. Participants at the Parham Doctors' Hospital also championed the additional features, including inside cinches to prevent the trash bag from hanging over the side and the larger, user-friendly opening.


“We absolutely recommend the RCP Slim Jim Step-on to all other health-care faculties.”

“We are very happy with the new design, it looks more like a piece of equipment, almost like a piece of furniture.”

Director of EVS/PBS
Parham Doctors’ Hospital