Microfibre Cleaning System - Mayday Hospital


At the Mayday NHS Hospital in Croydon, South London, Initial Hospital Services has been providing cleaning and portering services since 1991. It employs 270 staff members at the hospital who are available 24 hours a

NHS standards require that each clinical room at Mayday Hospital be cleaned at least three times per day. With 670 beds and average occupancy rates close to 99%, this represents a significant challenge for the

The solution consists of a cart with a laundry bag, a charging bucket, and a mop whose head is fitted with changeable Microfibre cleaning pads. These cleaning pads are made of Microfibre material, which is much more effective than cotton for cleaning.

Using Rubbermaid Commercial Products helped eliminate subjectivity and the risk of cross-contamination with cost-efficient solutions. It also helped improve environmental gains of water and chemical reduction as well as increasing safety, reducing worker tiredness and heightening efficiency, which in turn helps workers ensure a cleaner, safer hospital.


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