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Cleaning Equipment

What are the benefits of professional cleaning equipment for gym cleaning?

Gym and Fitness| 5/12/2022

Gym cleanliness can make all the difference when attracting customers. The following blog showcases essential gym cleaning and tips to maximise it.
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Gym Equipment

Which gym equipment is the most infection infested?

Gym and Fitness| 27/6/2022

While all gym equipment can carry infections, some equipment holds much more than others. Though you must clean all equipment before and after use, this blog showcases which equipment gym patrons, staff and owners should be most conscious of.
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Cleaning Guidelines for Gyms

Cleaning Guidelines for Gyms and their Common Areas

Gym and Fitness| 26/5/2022

Shared spaces in fitness studios need special cleaning processes. Take a look at these cleaning guidelines for gyms.
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Russian Twist Exercise

Keeping Infections Out Of Gyms One Step At A Time

Gym and Fitness| 25/4/2022

Exercising in a gym is a fantastic way to get your mind and body feeling their best. However, gyms are also a hub for infections and diseases to spread, particularly those that impact the skin.
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Gym Workouts

The Best Way to Clean Gym Equipment

Gym and Fitness| 1/3/2022

Bacteria, sweat, and dust often accumulate on gym equipment - this can make it a breeding ground for germs and pose a health risk to users if not cleaned on a regular basis. This blog post will discuss the best way to clean gym equipment so that it remains free of harmful bacteria and dirt build-up.
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