The Importance of Setting Cleaning Standards for Office Buildings

Facility Management | 24/3/2022

Setting Cleaning Standards

Setting cleaning standards is vital when managing a number of offices. If there is not a rigorous cleaning routine in place then bacteria and viruses can spread rapidly. This is because disinfectants kill pathogens and harmful bacteria that could be present on high-touch or high-contact surfaces. If there is not a good cleaning schedule in place, this will help to create an environment that is not only unsanitary, but unsafe.

Why are Cleaning Standards Important?

Cleaning standards are essential when it comes to the general operation of an office building. If appropriate regulations are not put in place, then the cleaning routine might not be as efficient as it could be, meaning that potential contaminants are not removed. This is especially high-risk in areas that have a lot of human or touch contact. Having a system in place also ensures that the right chemicals are being used for the right purpose, by someone who is trained on how to handle them safely.

Removing Contaminants

Cleaning with products that contain either detergent or soap will reduce the germs on a surface, decreasing the risk of infection. Cleaning once per day, when no known infections are circulating, is usually sufficient. More frequent cleaning may be required in high-traffic areas, or rooms that are poorly ventilated.

It’s vital to clean any high-touch surfaces at least once a day. This could include counters, pens, tables, lights, doorknobs, handrails, elevator buttons, and taps. If hand sanitiser is provided to ensure that viruses and bacteria are not easily transmitted on surfaces such as this, it should be a minimum of 60% alcohol.

Chemical Storage Safety

There may be cleaning products in the office or building, but it’s also imperative to make sure that the equipment is stored properly. When diluting any cleaning products, the dilution ratio should be written on the bottle, and it should only be done with water at room temperature. Never mix chemicals or office cleaning supplies, as this could contribute to harmful fumes.

Protecting Workers

To protect workers from hazardous chemicals, training should be provided as to when PPE can be used, how to put it on, how to take it off and lastly, how to dispose of it. Ensure that all workers are reading the hazard labels on the back of the product, and also make sure that regulated waste is disposed of properly.

How to Simplify Cleaning Standards

It is very easy to simplify cleaning standards by adopting the right technology and processes. This could involve creating small groups that work independently on cleaning tasks while also closing off workstations that are not currently in use. Having doors propped open to limit the need to touch handles is also a good idea, along with having a sensor-operated door or footplates. This will reduce the amount of equipment that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, making it easier to maintain cleaning standards for office buildings.

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