Enhancing Efficiency in Material Handling With Rubbermaid's Duramold Trolleys and Platform Trucks

Facility Management | 23/2/2024

Efficient material handling is the backbone of productivity across various industries. Recognising this, at Rubbermaid, we have innovated logistics and transportation within workplaces by integrating Duramold technology into our trolleys and platform trucks. This leap forward not only signifies our commitment to durability and strength but also marks a new era in material handling solutions.

The Power of Duramold Technology

At the heart of our innovation lies Duramold technology, a cutting-edge composite of high-density resin and metal. This blend results in a material that excels in durability and strength yet is light enough to ensure ease of manoeuvrability. 

Unlike traditional materials that offer either strength or lightweight properties, Duramold provides both, setting Rubbermaid's material handling equipment apart from conventional metal and wood options. This technology ensures that each trolley and truck can withstand the rigours of daily use while offering a lightweight design, reducing the physical strain on users.


Versatility Meets Strength

Our Duramold trolleys and platform trucks are designed as cohesive solutions to meet the dynamic needs of various industries. From compact models ideal for navigating narrow warehouse aisles to larger trucks capable of carrying substantial loads, Rubbermaid offers a diverse portfolio. Each product is engineered with precision, ensuring that whether you're transporting delicate items or heavy equipment, there's a Duramold solution that fits the bill.

Diverse Industry Application

  1. Warehousing and Logistics: In the fast-paced environment of warehousing and logistics, Rubbermaid's Duramold trolleys are indispensable. They streamline the movement of goods, from receiving to shipping, enhancing efficiency and reducing turnaround times. Their durability ensures they can handle the daily wear and tear of loading and unloading, making them a long-term investment for businesses.
  1. Manufacturing: Within the manufacturing sector, the movement of raw materials and finished products is constant. Rubbermaid’s trolleys and trucks facilitate this process, allowing for the smooth transition of goods through production lines, thereby minimising downtime and boosting productivity.
  1. Mining: The rugged and often unpredictable conditions of mining sites demand equipment that can withstand harsh environments. Duramold products excel in this regard, offering the durability needed to transport materials safely and efficiently in such demanding settings.


Advantages of Using Rubbermaid’s Duramold Products

Adopting Rubbermaid’s Duramold trolleys and platform trucks translates into numerous benefits. Operational efficiency sees a significant uptick, with the lightweight yet sturdy design ensuring that goods can be moved quickly and safely. 

The ergonomic features of these products reduce the risk of strain and injury, promoting a healthier workplace. Furthermore, the longevity and durability of Duramold material contribute to a lower total cost of ownership, as the need for frequent replacements is drastically reduced.

Final Thoughts: The Duramold Difference in Material Handling

The integration of Duramold technology into our trolleys and platform trucks is a testament to our commitment to innovation in material handling. These solutions offer unparalleled benefits across a spectrum of industries, proving that investment in high-quality, durable equipment is key to enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

Transform your material handling processes with our Duramold products. Explore the range and discover how these innovative solutions can be tailored to your industry's unique needs, driving efficiency and safety in your operations. Dive deeper into what Rubbermaid offers and make a strategic choice for your business today.