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How the correct cleaning protocols can help avoid employee sick days

Property Management| 6/06/2022

Employee sick days can slow productivity and put business profits at risk. Avoid sick days with these cleaning protocols and tips.
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How long does a COVID deep clean take?

Property Management| 13/05/2022

Find out the answers to how long does a Covid deep clean take, what is a Covid deep clean and more in this expert guide from Rubbermaid Commercial Products
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Procedures to implement that mitigate the spread of covid at work

Property Management| 2/05/2022

Businesses are slowly starting to recover from the global pandemic and various lockdowns brought about by Covid-19. It hasn't been an easy few years, but the discussion is now moving towards how we can safely live and work with covid in mind. The Australian Government is pushing the idea of creating covid-safe workplaces to ensure businesses can function safely and that the restrictions put in place can be rolled back.
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What happens when someone gets COVID at work?

Property Management| 11/04/2022

What happens if someone gets COVID at work? Futureproof a business with a COVID action plan including what to do, how to disinfect, best cleaning products, and how to keep a workplace healthy, sanitary and safe.
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The Importance of Setting Cleaning Standards for Office Buildings

Property Management| 24/03/2022

Setting cleaning standards is vital when managing a number of offices. If there is not a rigorous cleaning routine in place then bacteria and viruses can spread rapidly. This is because disinfectants kill pathogens and harmful bacteria that could be present on high-touch or high-contact surfaces. If there is not a good cleaning schedule in place, this will help to create an environment that is not only unsanitary, but unsafe.
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How to Keep Offices Safe, Clean and Hygienic

Property Management| 4/01/2022

Ensuring that the office space is clean and well cared for has always been a high priority for any business. After all, any space that is being used regularly needs to be as clean and hygienic as possible.
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