Our workplace essentials exemplify the very essence of our core range: durability, simplicity, usability and adaptability. No storeroom is properly stocked without these solutions on hand to meet the everyday challenges, and unexpected occurrences, that make up the management of a modern facility.

Safety solutions

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Waste Management

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Material Handling

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Safety Solutions

Safety solutions are essential for keeping facilities in working order and our people safe. Rubbermaid Commercial Products have solutions that are designed to be easy to use.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products provides everything a business needs for a basic safety set up, including:

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Waste Management

Proper waste management protects individual health, improves indoor air quality and reduces harm to the environment. Making it easy to separate recyclables from trash ensures that fewer items end up in landfills. Whether in an office, retail store, restaurant or other commercial facility, recycling and rubbish bins offer a visual reminder to separate disposable items and keep the indoor environment clean.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products provides everything a business needs to properly manage waste removal:

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Material handling

Without proper material handling equipment, staff can get injured from hauling heavy items or being exposed to harmful substances. Bulks trucks, carts, trolleys and platforms enable cleaning staff to move waste and other items while staying safe.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products® provides the tools to make the job easier:

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Our trusted, durable products are backed up by a wide variety of tools and resources to ensure your staff and customers are aware of the product solutions that are within your facility and how to use them. 

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