Our workplace essentials exemplify the very essence of our core range: durability, simplicity, usability and adaptability. No storeroom is properly stocked without these solutions on hand to meet the everyday challenges, and unexpected occurrences, that make up the management of a modern facility.

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In terms of high-traffic areas, the corridors of schools and education facilities are some of the most active. Within educational facilities, post-pandemic fallout will be reflected in a continual need to maximize space and maintain high levels of cleanliness and hygiene.

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Food Service

It is hard to imagine when hygiene matters more than when we eat. Prior to 2020, eating establishments were already subject to intense scrutiny. Customers returning with a heightened awareness of cleanliness and hygiene will expect facilities to be spotless.

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Healthcare facilities have been on the battlefield with COVID-19 since the pandemic began. They have done a remarkable job in caring for and treating so many patients. Part of their diligent work has been maximizing infection prevention with protocols such as hand hygiene, glove use, waste management, and extensive cleaning.

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Hospitality locations around the world pride themselves on providing a good experience from the moment a guest arrives. For hospitality, this will manifest in guests returning to properties with a heightened awareness of germ transfer and the need for hygiene and cleanliness.

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A place where many people spend most of their days, the office is a hotspot for the spread of germs. Office spaces, regardless of company or sector, will face a common set of challenges when workers return. Employee trust in the traditional office post-COVID is fragile, with 61% of employees indicating that they would prefer office layout changes to ensure social distancing, and 74% of employees demanding increased cleaning frequencies.

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Retail facilities, no matter what they sell, have one thing in common; presentation. Customers don’t want to shop in stores they deem unhygienic. They will now need to consider new health and safety measures, such as social distancing and hand hygiene, for staff and customers.

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Transport & Entertainment

Two of the most common things we come together for are to travel or to visit an entertainment venue. To keep customers safe, transport and entertainment venues will have to place intense scrutiny on their hygiene, waste and distancing polices upon reopening.

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Our trusted, durable products are backed up by a wide variety of tools and resources to ensure your staff and customers are aware of the product solutions that are within your facility and how to use them. 

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