Why Product Longevity Is A Powerful First Step To Improving Commercial Sustainability

Property Management | 29/5/2023

In businesses, sustainability and efficiency have become all the more important. This is especially true as customers and businesses begin considering their environmental impacts. So, organisations must do what they can to reduce their carbon footprint while sustaining a sanitary environment. 

While some businesses can offset their impact through generic sustainability methods, such as recycling, these environmental initiatives are not as effective when cleaning is considered. This is because recycling can still see significant waste. 

Hence, Rubbermaid Commercial Products highlights the value of investing in durable and long-lasting products to help preserve the environment. The following article covers why this is critical for environmental preservation. 

Product Longevity Reduces Wastage in Landfill

Long-lasting products, such as the BRUTE utility bin, are made to last for years or even decades due to their strong composition. For this reason, while they are constructed from commercial-grade plastic, they can withstand the test of time and won’t need to be disposed of within a limited time. This significantly reduces the harmful and non-decomposable waste that commercial businesses send into landfill each year. 

It is, therefore, important that as a business owner, you understand the nature of the products you are purchasing. For example, some products made from recycled plastic may have a tedious production process, which could contribute to significant emissions. In other circumstances, these products may not be durable to withstand commercial applications, meaning they may end up in landfill after minimal use. Rubbermaid Commercial Products are committed to manufacturing durable products that guarantee longevity, which means they are kept out of wastage for as long as possible. 

Durable Vs Recyclable 

For the longest time, recycling and using recycled materials has been seen as one of the number one ways businesses can offset their carbon footprint. However, not all recycling is beneficial for the environment. In fact, it is critical that businesses consider the past life of their recycled product as well as the production phase and the end result. Should a recycled product be flimsy or poor quality, it can very much degrade within only a short use period. While it had good intentions, this product would then contribute to increased landfill wastage, which can negatively harm the environment. 

It is important to note that this does not mean that cleaning products made out of recycled materials are bad for the environment. Though, it does indicate that businesses must consider the origins and longevity of their product if they want to have a positive impact on the environment. 

For this reason, at Rubbermaid Commercial Products, we have always put a forward focus on durability and longevity. This means that our products are made to last and withstand the test of time. Some of these products can then last decades, which significantly reduces landfill wastage year on year. 

Buy Better, Waste Less

“Manufacturing a durable product once should be better than manufacturing a recycled product multiple times.”

Products that are made to last, as opposed to cheaper alternatives, can often withstand the demands in commercial environments, which are regularly heavy. On top of this, when choosing the Rubbermaid Commercial Products range, customers can be assured that their product is fit for purpose for years to come. 

With this notion in mind, business owners that focus primarily on buying better must focus on longevity. This guarantees that the products they purchase are fit-for-purpose and can withstand cleaning demands. This includes and isn’t limited to withstanding wear and tear, heavy loads and daily use. 

These cleaning products are also less likely to break suddenly, meaning businesses won’t need to seek materials to repair them, which can all contribute to landfill. An added bonus is that buying better can reduce workplace injury. As an example, the handle of a wheeled bin is very unlikely to suddenly break, which can cause arm, back, neck and hip damage to the person who was using it; all of which will need to be managed through expensive worker’s compensation. 

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Produces a Range of Long-Lasting Products 

Rubbermaid Commercial Products believes that businesses must consider their function before electing their sustainability methods. This can guarantee that they are making the biggest impact possible when it comes to creating a positive change for the planet. For commercial cleaning across all businesses, the team also understands that traditional sustainability methods, such as reusing and recycling, are not always the most effective ways to make a difference, especially when businesses consider how these products are made and the emissions they may require to produce. 

To make the most positive impact on the environment, the team knows that longevity is the right choice due to a long lifespan and a reduced need for consistent replacements, which can have a vastly negative impact on the planet. 

Rubbermaid Commercial Products is also largely passionate about this movement and is happy to discuss it at any time with those seeking to better the environmental efficiency of their cleaning equipment range. Contact us to find out more and to get started.