How to improve your housekeeping department

Hospitality| 18/01/2022

Now more than ever, hotel housekeeping staff plays a vital role in ensuring guests feel safe and comfortable during their stay; overall cleanliness is essential to guest satisfaction.
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How to Stay Safe While Travelling During a Pandemic

Hospitality| 6/01/2022

As borders begin to open up again and people consider travelling abroad, it’s vital to reflect on how this can be done safely to make sure that you, your family, and the people around you are protected from COVID.
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How to Keep Offices Safe, Clean and Hygienic

Property Management| 4/01/2022

Ensuring that the office space is clean and well cared for has always been a high priority for any business. After all, any space that is being used regularly needs to be as clean and hygienic as possible.
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Aged Care Royal Commission Cleaning Recommendations

News| 18/12/2021

Following consideration of more than 10,500 submissions and evidence from over 600 witnesses, the findings of the Commission show a clear focus on increasing quality of life through improving the safety and cleaning standards in Australia's aged care system
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Infectious Disease Cleanup Best Practices

News| 18/10/2021

Infectious disease cleanup best practices are a must in vulnerable hospital environments. Here are our suggestions for maintaining optimal hygiene.
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Hospital environmental services best practices | Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Healthcare| 13/09/2021

Understanding the rigorous guidelines and hospital environmental services best practices can help your facility provide the cleanest space possible for care.
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Mopping comparison study at the Royal Melbourne Hospital

Healthcare| 7/09/2021

Mopping a hospital floor can put great strain on the upper body. We carried out a carefully controlled comparison study at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, to examine the movement risk for cleaning operatives when using different mopping techniques and products.
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What does the future of the hotel industry look like?

Hospitality| 6/08/2021

In a post-COVID world, the hospitality industry looks a little different. Here are some of the cleaning factors to accommodate guests' health, safety and satisfaction.
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How to keep a school canteen clean: Guidelines and best practices

News| 20/07/2021

Safeguard a healthier learning environment for all students by following our best practices on how to keep a school canteen clean.
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How to prevent infection from spreading in aged care centres

Healthcare| 16/07/2021

Aged care centres are prone to transmittable viruses. Let's look at the types of precautions these facilities can implement to help minimise the spread of infections.
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The benefits of using disposable mop heads in hospital settings

Healthcare| 28/05/2021

Disposable mop heads in hospital settings, in particular, may be more beneficial than you think.
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What Is the Difference Between Sanitising and Disinfecting?

Healthcare| 13/05/2021

Take a closer look at the main distinctions between sanitising and disinfecting: two impactful cleaning methods for germ removal.
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