Guidance On Infection Control in Schools and Other Childcare Settings

Education| 13/04/2022

Find the latest guidance regarding infection control for a school or childcare setting here.
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What happens when someone gets COVID at work?

Property Management| 11/04/2022

What happens if someone gets COVID at work? Futureproof a business with a COVID action plan including what to do, how to disinfect, best cleaning products, and how to keep a workplace healthy, sanitary and safe.
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Cleaning Guidelines for Restaurants

Hospitality| 7/04/2022

The ultimate comprehensive cleaning guideline for restaurants in Australia to ensure your food business fulfils legal regulations for cleanliness and hygiene.
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What is Colonization in Infection Control?

Healthcare| 4/04/2022

Discover what a colonised individual is and the cleaning solutions that deliver effective infection prevention.
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Aged Care Commercial Cleaning Schedule and Checklist

Healthcare| 29/03/2022

A comprehensive commercial cleaning schedule is essential to your business. Consider the following checklist for our best practice recommendations.
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The Importance of Setting Cleaning Standards for Office Buildings

Property Management| 24/03/2022

Setting cleaning standards is vital when managing a number of offices. If there is not a rigorous cleaning routine in place then bacteria and viruses can spread rapidly. This is because disinfectants kill pathogens and harmful bacteria that could be present on high-touch or high-contact surfaces. If there is not a good cleaning schedule in place, this will help to create an environment that is not only unsanitary, but unsafe.
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Infection control in childcare facilities: How to manage an outbreak

Childcare| 17/03/2022

Infection control in childcare settings is vital for children and staff. Here’s what you need to know if an outbreak does occur.
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Essential guide: infection control checklist in hospital and aged care facilities

Healthcare| 7/03/2022

Proper cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising protocols are essential in hospital settings. Here’s our complete guide to proper hospital infection control.
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Protect medical equipment by cleaning with disposable microfibre cloths

Healthcare| 3/03/2022

Maintaining a clean environment is a top priority for hospital and healthcare settings.
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The Best Way to Clean Gym Equipment

Gym and Fitness| 1/03/2022

Bacteria, sweat, and dust often accumulate on gym equipment - this can make it a breeding ground for germs and pose a health risk to users if not cleaned on a regular basis. This blog post will discuss the best way to clean gym equipment so that it remains free of harmful bacteria and dirt build-up.
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How to keep the school environment clean and hygienic

Education| 22/02/2022

Cleanliness and hygiene are essential in all crowded environments, and this is no different for schools, whether for early years or through to universities and colleges.
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Infection Prevention in Childcare

| 10/02/2022

As we all know, children and their caregivers in childcare centres are often in confined spaces together therefore infectious illnesses can easily spread. Childcare centres are never going to be germ-free but there are guidelines that can be followed to minimise and prevent staff and children from falling ill.
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