Why preventing a super spreader event in aged care is essential

Aged Care| 30/05/2022

Aged care residents are much more vulnerable than the general population. An infection, such as COVID, could place them on bed rest and have serious repercussions. This blog addresses the importance of avoiding a superspreader in aged care settings and the cleaning protocols to do so.
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Cleaning Guidelines for Gyms and their Common Areas

Gym and Fitness| 26/05/2022

Shared spaces in fitness studios need special cleaning processes. Take a look at these cleaning guidelines for gyms.
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Travel is BACK. Cleaning protocols to ensure your guests leave you a 5-star review

Hospitality| 25/05/2022

With travelling back, it's important you are taking all of the precautions to ensure your hotel is as clean as possible. Here are our tips to ensure you receive a 5-star cleanliness review...
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Cleaning productivity benchmarks: 3 ways to improve cleaning efficiency

Healthcare| 19/05/2022

Cleaning productivity benchmarks help businesses gauge their efficiency. Here’s how you can improve cleaning productivity.
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How long does a COVID deep clean take?

Property Management| 13/05/2022

Find out the answers to how long does a Covid deep clean take, what is a Covid deep clean and more in this expert guide from Rubbermaid Commercial Products
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What is Microfibre in Cleaning?

Healthcare| 9/05/2022

Microfibre cloths are changing the way businesses clean. Find out what is microfibre and how these cloths can benefit your organisation.
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The best products and equipment for environmental cleaning in aged care

Healthcare| 5/05/2022

Environmental cleaning in aged care is only as effective as the equipment and procedures being used. Here’s what you should know:
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Procedures to implement that mitigate the spread of covid at work

Property Management| 2/05/2022

Businesses are slowly starting to recover from the global pandemic and various lockdowns brought about by Covid-19. It hasn't been an easy few years, but the discussion is now moving towards how we can safely live and work with covid in mind. The Australian Government is pushing the idea of creating covid-safe workplaces to ensure businesses can function safely and that the restrictions put in place can be rolled back.
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Here Are Some Common Causes Of Infection In Childcare Centres

Childcare| 28/04/2022

As more and more children get sick, they are likely unknowingly spreading infections throughout childcare facilities. So, cleanliness and infection control must be properly managed. As a childcare owner or manager, it is vital to do everything to keep children and their families safe.
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Keeping Infections Out Of Gyms One Step At A Time

Gym and Fitness| 25/04/2022

Exercising in a gym is a fantastic way to get your mind and body feeling their best. However, gyms are also a hub for infections and diseases to spread, particularly those that impact the skin.
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How do hotels keep glass shower doors clean?

Hospitality| 22/04/2022

How do hotels keep glass shower doors clean? Learn how hotel owners worldwide use Rubbermaid Commercial's tools and products to get the job done right.
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Cleaning Guidelines for Childcare Centres

Childcare| 19/04/2022

Find out about the key cleaning guidelines for daycare centres and why having them in place will ensure children and staff remain happy and healthy.
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