Hospitality cleaning guide: A step-by-step hotel cleaning checklist

| 15/08/2022

Maintaining a clean and infection-free hotel is detrimental to the guest experience. This detailed hotel cleaning checklist is a great way to ensure your rooms remain as clean as possible.
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How often should offices be sanitised to promote good infection control?

Property Management| 8/08/2022

Offices are a hub for infections, especially if they are not cleaned and sanitised frequently. Our following blog investigates how often office buildings must be sanitised.
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Avoiding infections in peak-hour public transport

Travel and Entertainment| 3/08/2022

Travelling on public transport can expose patrons to many infections and bacteria. Our following blog discusses how to avoid infections when travelling on public transport.
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Rubbermaid Commercial Products Launches New Sustainability Vision And Roadmap, The Love Sustainability Journey

| 1/08/2022

The RCP Sustainability Journey is the first step to communicating our commitment to the planet, and to our partners. Join us on our Journey, and follow our progress against targets.
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Are movie theatres really bacteria-infested?

Travel and Entertainment| 25/07/2022

Movie theatres developed a bad reputation after COVID. But, are they really infection infested? Find out in our latest blog.
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How to reduce the risk of super-spread infections in high-volume universities

Education| 18/07/2022

Universities are incredibly high-volume, placing them at risk of super-spreading infections. Our following blog showcases the infection-control methods that can be put in place in university environments.
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How to encourage good hand hygiene in childcare settings

Childcare| 11/07/2022

Keeping children free of infection in childcare settings begins with appropriate handwashing. Our following blog explores how to encourage good handwashing in children.
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Cleanliness vs sanitisation. What is most essential in a hospitality setting?

Hospitality| 4/07/2022

Cleaning and sanitisation are two terms which are often used interchangeably. These two actions, however, serve very different purposes when it comes to infection control. This blog dives into what these differences mean for the hospitality space.
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Which gym equipment is the most infection infested?

Gym and Fitness| 27/06/2022

While all gym equipment can carry infections, some equipment holds much more than others. Though you must clean all equipment before and after use, this blog showcases which equipment gym patrons, staff and owners should be most conscious of.
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Avoiding foodborne infections and cross-contamination at school canteens

Education| 20/06/2022

Keeping a tight cleaning schedule and protocol in school canteens can avoid widespread foodborne infections. Our recent blog follows the steps all canteen staff can take to keep students safe and infection-free.
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3 infections children are likely to bring home from childcare

Childcare| 13/06/2022

Childcare is the first time that many children are exposed to various infections. So, it's important to know which infections they may bring home and how to manage them.
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How the correct cleaning protocols can help avoid employee sick days

Property Management| 6/06/2022

Employee sick days can slow productivity and put business profits at risk. Avoid sick days with these cleaning protocols and tips.
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